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York Rite or Scottish Rite

Jorge Rojas Jr.

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Hey Brothers Happy Holidays, I wanted to get your opinion on the difference between YR and SR. I'm a MM looking for more of a clear picture of brothers on both sides, before I choose on what direction I want to go.

Brother JC

Moderating Staff
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They are completely different programs. One is a system, the other a conglomeration. Both offer food for thought and illumination.
There are numerous threads on this very topic.

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I am not a Scottish Rite Mason. However I did join the York Rite. It has been by far the most enjoyable group I have ever belonged to in any organization ever. The degrees are great. I knew I wanted to join the YR before I was ever an EA. I love Royal Arch Masonry and one day would like to enter the grand line. Granted I am sure there are brothers who love the SR just as much. Ask around I'm betting you cannot go wrong with either or neither.


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Both are very worthy organizations but I have chosen to join the York Rite first due to its Christian theme at the top.. Will probably be joining the Scottish Rite at a later date.