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Id like to know more about my grandfather's fraternity, and possibly dedicate some time helping my local lodge with food drives, fund raisers or other functions of that nature. How can I learn about my grandfathers' history with the Masonic Temple?
Hi Team
Would just like to say quick hello. Been in Dubai now for 9 months and it would be nice to get to know more people.
Please feel free to reach out and chat.
Just made my account, I am very excited!
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What do yous know freemasons could anyone kindly provide me with an answer as I have a question what does G.A.O.T.U mean ?comprehensively so I can gain some sort of a more holistic deeper meaning of this abbreviation as apposed to just what word each letter represents this is a serious question the more masons who reply to this question with different accounts would be so amazing thank you.
The Fraternal Gentleman
The Fraternal Gentleman
G.A.O.T.U is an abbreviation for Grand Architect of the Universe. The higher power in which you personally believe.
Howdy Brethren! Guy R. Niles. New here but not a new Mason. Currently the Junior Warden for Saratoga Masonic Lodge #546 in Lampasas, Texas. I've tread the Boards in the GL of Kansas, the GL of Rhode Island, the American-Canadian Grand Lodge in Europe, and the GL of Texas.
Greeting to the brethren. I am Truedy from Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I am new here.
benny situmbeko
greetings members i am benny from katima mulilo, namibia and am new here
Greetings everyone! I am new from Mid Valley area in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and seeking for a Lodge in the neighbourhood.
Welek Lee
Welek Lee
Hello there Bryson, how are you this week?
Need attorney. Tired of Douglas County trying to railroad and falsely accuse. I have no support. Oh Lord my God is there no help for the widows son.
If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting a stones today
Also here in Tx any Mason can stop a EA or FC from continuing in his work to be a MM for almost any reason, So we ask our EA's and FC's to lay low on displaying anything until they have been Raised, Just a FYI and Congrats on starting your journey.
I'm not sure where your located but it is frowned upon (here in Texas and I'm sure other areas) about displaying Masonic symbols, rings, flags, ect until you've been raised as a Master Mason.
I am very proud to see my GL, The MWPHGL of MD, working on an audio, pictorial, and printed history to be published in 2022!