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  1. Mark Stockdale
    Mark Stockdale
    Visiting Washington DC in May 2019
  2. Provectus
    Get real for a moment
  3. Paschal Oke Isaiah JaJa
    Paschal Oke Isaiah JaJa
    Brotherly love, relief, and truth.
  4. Provectus
    See you tomorrow
  5. Marwan alamro
    Marwan alamro
    I tried so hard, and I got so far, but at the end it doesn't even matter
  6. Frank Boateng
    Frank Boateng Kenneth NC Mason
    please can you get the contact number of freedom number35 lodge in Turkey.
  7. Frank Boateng
    Frank Boateng STETSON
    please can you get the contact number of freedom number35 lodge in Turkey.
  8. edet_victor
    edet_victor NAIJABRO
    Am Victor from Lagos, Nigeria. Ikoyi. to be precise.
  9. edet_victor
    edet_victor NAIJABRO
    I'll would like to have a words with you
  10. edet_victor
  11. bashkim
    bashkim coachn
    Hello sir,
    As a result of my research for Freemasonry through different sites and materials i came across your blog.
    I wanted to make a question and if it is possible and you wish to answer i will really apreciate it.
    What is the connection of The Lion of Judah with Freemasonry?
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    2. coachn
      If you are serious about reading my research on this, I wrote about it In "Building Janus", Chapter XI. The Lion’s Pause.

      You can order the book here:
      Jan 14, 2019
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    3. bashkim
      Thank you for your answer sir!
      I am sure that i want to find the answer so i will try to have the book as soon as possible. Is it also related to Ethiopia?
      Jan 15, 2019
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    4. coachn
      I have another book that talks in depth about Ethiopia as well. It is called "A Brother Asks - Volume One". Found in Chapter 9. Ethiopia. It also makes a few references to many available papers about the topic as it relates to Ritual.

      You can order the book here:
      Jan 15, 2019
  12. Maxwell Olagbegi
    Maxwell Olagbegi
    Pls what are the official date and time for the visiting of Lagos grand lodge In broad street pls. Hve always want to be a part of this.
  13. Blackstar
    In the villa of Ormen stands a solitary candle...
  14. edet_victor
    Life is beautiful
  16. Donald Tarrance
    Donald Tarrance
    26 Years Active Duty with U.S. Air Force. 14 Years with Dept Of State (DOS). Combined USAF and DOS . Retired from DOS with 40 years service.
  17. Donald Tarrance
    Donald Tarrance
    Past Master Dwight 550 (2005) Past Master Glencoe 846 (2016)
  18. Warrior1256
    Warrior1256 KentuckyMason
    Just saw your post in the new members section. I visit your lodge on ocassion. My home lodge is St. Matthew / PRP 906.
    1. KentuckyMason
      Well we've likely met. I haven't traveled to 906 yet.
      Jan 9, 2019
  19. Warrior1256
    Warrior1256 KentuckyMason
    Hello Brother> What part of Kentucky are you in?
    1. KentuckyMason
      Howdy! Louisville. J'town area.
      Jan 9, 2019
  20. Raymond Walters
    Raymond Walters
    silence and circumspection accomplish much if they are utilized...