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  1. Breakingstereotypes
    Perry Lodge #123 - GL of FL - Initiation set for Feb. 5, 2018.
  2. Raymond Walters
    Raymond Walters
    To change the world, you have to change the game.
  3. Steve Oswald
    Steve Oswald
    Greetings,I play the organ, saxophone, guitar and drums. I do studio production (music synthesis) and video editing. I wish you well.
  4. haroun mason
    haroun mason Joseph mason
    how are you brother
  5. Warrior1256
    Warrior1256 Sam Seppelt
    Happy Birthday Brother.
  6. Raymond Walters
    Raymond Walters
    our purpose is bigger than the personalities around us
  7. FriendshipCube
  8. FriendshipCube
  9. Joe Ellis
    Joe Ellis
    Just released a Masonic song in the United Kingdom; 'Where Have All The Masons Gone'
  10. Ajay Chandar
    Ajay Chandar
    God is in all men, but all men are not in God; that is why we suffer. - Ramakrishna Paramahansa
  11. Raymond Walters
    Raymond Walters
    Deus et scientia
  12. Raymond Walters
    Raymond Walters
    Aut disce aut discede - Either learn or leave
  13. BIG G
    BIG G
    Retired Heavy Machinery Sales, 32 Degree MVMN, Past Master Oconomowoc # 42 Wi. Senior Steward Cataract #2, Minneapolis, MN Married, Kathleen
  14. Darold Page
    Darold Page
    Hello my name is Darold page and I was looking and hoping to join the Freemasons like my father but I have some of questions
  15. Howard Giang
    Howard Giang
    Hello everyone, I would like to learn as much as I can from this forum. BTW, is there a way to change my name to an alias? Thanks.
  16. Bill Lins
    Bill Lins Benjamin Baxter
    The front page of our paper today announced that Exelon is going bankrupt- is that why you're moving away?
  17. RomeWon
    On The Level
  18. Georgi Ivanov
    Georgi Ivanov
    A brother in transit from the Florida Keys to Las Vegas.
  19. pointwithinacircle2
    pointwithinacircle2 goomba
    Hey G,

    Greetings from the beautiful Eastern Shore. Chesapeake #147 in Crisfield has visited churches in our area.
  20. Melchizedek Priest
    Melchizedek Priest Ripcord22A
    Brother, can you give me legal information about the military and freemasonry? Does it make any difference if a recruit is mason or not when into the recruiting process? What about is a soldier wants to become freemason? Does he has to be military official?