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  1. Bro. John

    Cipher Books In Lodge

    I don't see the problem with code books, other than using one in lodge meeting. I wish I had one. They are cool. And without knowledge no non mason would be able to read it. Freemason Connect Mobile
  2. Bro. John

    What does the free masons have to do with templars?

    There may have been Templars who were masons but I think that's about it Freemason Connect Mobile
  3. Bro. John

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    I have S&C tattoo. My first and only tattoo. See my profile pic! :) Freemason Connect Mobile
  4. Bro. John

    Hardship Concerning Dues

    That's good advice but doesn't help now since I am behind from last year so if I save for this year and pay I'm still a year behind Freemason Connect Premium App
  5. Bro. John

    Hardship Concerning Dues

    To be honest I'm kind of imbarresed. Freemason Connect Premium App
  6. Bro. John

    Hardship Concerning Dues

    I don't know how to start a new thread so I commented here. I am having a hard time coming up with money to pay my dues. The lodge raised dues from 55 to like 145. I get paid only once a month and after I pay my bills don't have enough to pay dues and survive the rest of the month. If any...
  7. Bro. John

    Masons and the Military

    Yea if you can have a lodge chartered on the moon for god sakes why not Iraq/afghan? Don't makes since to make something just because. and no one will ever go to the moon. Give me a break! Make a lodge for our fighting brethren! Freemason Connect Premium App
  8. Bro. John

    pulled over on fort sill...

    I've had more than a couple instances such as this. Freemason Connect Premium App
  9. Bro. John

    Masonic Veteran Associations????

    I agree with Ashlar on all counts. Freemason Connect Premium App
  10. Bro. John

    Masonry in the Military

    You might not find a lodge on post but most posts are near large cities and there is probably a lodge in the city. Freemason Connect Premium App