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    Okinawa, Japan

    There are indeed three PHA lodges out here. Two Washington Jursidiction and one Oklahoma Jurisdiction. But we all fellowship. We (Washington) are on the 329 by behind Camp Shields. Between the two of us, 1st and 3rd Friday @ 1930 (Torii #46) and 2nd and 4th Friday @ 1930 (OkiMil #68). Come see us!
  2. Hardtimes

    Marine Corps Freemasons

  3. Hardtimes

    Marine Corps Freemasons

    To tell you the truth, I forgot which website I ordered it from. I will indeed check and reply with an answer.
  4. Hardtimes

    Marine Corps Freemasons

    No, not Torii Station proper. But there are several thriving and successful lodges out here.
  5. Hardtimes

    Marine Corps Freemasons

    CWO2 (Bro) Gerald Stokley, Torii Lodge #46, Okinawa Japan.
  6. Hardtimes

    Freemasonry Documentary

    Or how about this? Relief, brotherly love, and truth neatly wrapped in 30 minutes from one MM's experience. Shared to his Craft.
  7. Hardtimes

    "Most Worshipful"

    Most respectful. No more than that.
  8. Hardtimes

    Few younger masons

    Our mean age is roughly 35, but we are a military lodge (mostly) overseas. And interest couldn't be better and attractive to younger brothers who see us out and about. My small island of Okinawa has 3 PHA lodges and 2 MS lodges and we all attract interest because we are visible.
  9. Hardtimes


    How good and how pleasant Brethren. Newly raised MM belonging to Torii Lodge #46, MWPHGLWA and Jurisdictions, Okinawa Japan. Hope to learn and share fellowship throughout me eTravel here. From the Land of the Rising Sun, greetings are extended.