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  1. Hotep357

    York or Scottish?

    Good info thanx
  2. Hotep357

    Irregular lodge?

    I'm super late but I would like to add that these bogus lodges display warrants but have no lineage I was apart of one Called the MW Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Arkansas n everytime I ask for proof of this Grand Lodge Charter from Romania that John G Jones received no one can show it.
  3. Hotep357

    York or Scottish?

    Which of the higher learning rites do you brethren suggest or recommend and if you are both could you give your opinion of both....
  4. Hotep357

    Decision Made

    I know this post is old but how does one invest in his lodge?
  5. Hotep357

    Eight Steps To Excellence: The Observant Lodge

    I'm definitely sharing with my lodge brethren
  6. Hotep357

    New Member

    Bro. Brayland Gaines Master Mason Retrieved Lodge #134 District 7 MWPHGLofARK Nice to greet all Brothers from near and far!!!!
  7. Hotep357

    Newly Made Prince Hall Mason

    Thanks for the reply n advice I need it
  8. Hotep357

    Step that was removed

    Those Men come from the United Most Worshipful Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Tx I have encountered a lot of bogus lodges here in Arkansas including that one
  9. Hotep357

    Newly Made Prince Hall Mason

    Does anyone have any tips about traveling maybe specific things I should be very proficient in, I'm in the military and would love to fellow ship with brothers while on my travels