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    I wholeheartedly agree with Brother CdovalinaRR227 above. Get rid of the book. Get a mentor. The ONLY way to learn the work proficiently is to have that B2B (Brother to Brother) interaction. Since you will be turning in your proficiency in a B2B setting, practicing the work that way will make it...
  2. JasonAttas

    moving to Texas

    Congratulations, Brother, both on your upcoming raising and your move to the Republic of Texas! You will find this place an oasis of productive opportunity. As long as you're not trying to bring wrong-headed Kalifornia ideas here, you'll be welcomed with open arms by both Brothers and...
  3. JasonAttas

    greetings from texas

    Welcome, Brother. Good luck in your proficiency. Keep us posted. -Jason Attas Sr. Warden James H. Lockwood Lodge #1343 Waco, Texas