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  1. JMGibson

    A great site for Brothers and men of any age

    Great info, trysquare. I am attempting to find the article online. It's Issue #16. I am very glad to know he is a Brother. He runs a clean site with a wealth of useful information and it's good to see people like that succeed.
  2. JMGibson

    Lodge participation

    Think of different subjects that may be of interest to others. A how-to class on something. If there is a police officer in the Lodge, he could give a short class on general home security (especially around the holidays) or weapon safety. If there is a doctor, a class on general wellness...
  3. JMGibson

    A great site for Brothers and men of any age

    I am sharing this in the spirit of the power of knowledge. I am not affiliated with this site and it has no outward masonic affiliation but I have spent a total of a few hours reading the articles on this site. The information on this site would be especially useful to a younger man, just...
  4. JMGibson

    Ironic Story/ World Conspiracies

    I don't believe all conspiracy theories but I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't at least hear someone out about a subject before forming an opinion. Especially when it comes to important historical events. At the very least, conspiracy theorists raise good questions. Besides the...
  5. JMGibson

    Fort Sill??

    I was in 2/4 FAR when I left. Not a bad unit. Bravo Co. was a fun time. Some HIMARS guys replaced us in Iraq in 2009. Not 100% sure but we may have been the last M270A1's to shoot out of Iraq. Again, not entirely sure. Good luck. Also, I volunteer with a non-profit organization called Cypress...
  6. JMGibson

    Fort Sill??

    Left Ft. Sill in 2009. The post alone wasn't too bad in my opinion, it was Lawton that was horrible. Looks like you're MLRS.
  7. JMGibson

    Someone to lead in Leander,TX

    I recently started using this page as a cross reference source to answer questions to information I have not yet been privvy to. I don't know if this is quite what you are looking for but here it is anyway. A Page About Masonry: Questions: Difficult Questions About Freemasonry
  8. JMGibson

    Stuck in a hard spot

    Good luck. Whatever you decide, I hope it works out between you and your dad, if that is what you wish. Enjoy your 4 star dining halls in the AF.
  9. JMGibson

    July Issue - In Their Words

    That is a pretty cool concept. I would especially enjoy hearing from our Brothers that are WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans. Simply because they are older and it is and has always been important to hear those stories before it gets to be too late.
  10. JMGibson

    Morals and Dogma

    I bought a few books right after I was initiated (including Morals & Dogma) but I decided against reading them because I realize that without certain knowledge, I will not get the full effect the books. I will not understand certain words or descriptions or what have you, simply because I am so...
  11. JMGibson

    Stuck in a hard spot

    That is a tough spot to be stuck in. Is waiting until you are out of the house and on your own out of the question or does that only postpone the problem? There is a wealth of information online that could help answer any questions he has or put to rest any reservations or concerns he may have...
  12. JMGibson

    So they ever come back?

    Enlightening and encouraging. Thank you, Brother.
  13. JMGibson

    My Concerns regarding Masonry

    I found this site to be helpful. A Page About Masonry: Questions: Difficult Questions About Freemasonry