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  • Are you interrested in antique autos. We are having a car show here in FBG June 5th. See the flyer on our web site fredericksburg masonic lodge.
    Hey Brother I wasthinking that if your free Monday night and are able to join us we are having a Chili cook off at Garden Oaks lodge, and some of the brothers from Fairbanks Lodge will be there. I know I will be for sure.
    Oh and I always thought and felt that the fourth question in our EA work is good food for thought not to mention Josuah 1:5. Its always good to give thought and reflection upon the grand archatect of the Universe when undertaking all things.
    Have a good one brother
    Bodie O'Donnell
    Fairbanks Lode #1363: Treasurer
    Hello sir,
    Just recieved word that my initiation will be this coming thursday. Cant wait
    Hey Brother,
    It was good to meet you yesterday at the Fourm at Spring Lodge. FOr us young guys who had never been before it wsa interesting and enlightning. Even if I admit to my own shame I dozzed off due to getting comfortable and finaly getting warm. If you are ever in our area brother feel free to stop by. Our stated is Every sexond and fourth Tuesday of the month and we would love to have you.
    Bodie O'Donnell
    Fairbanks Lodge #1363
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