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    1. jwhoff
      Brother Larry,

      I too am a Scottish Rite mason. Though I am a member of the Houston Valley, I took my reunion degrees in Galveston and had a very good time (July 2008.) I am currently serving as Jr. Warden at Cypress Lodge 1423 and Jr. Deacon at Billy Wayne Tinsley 1458.

      Like I said in the post, the Craftsman I program is a good start in the Rite. You learn the positions and officers of the lodge. The protocol, history, and club associations within the Valley. It answers many of the questions folks have to learn on their own. It could save you as much as a few years learning the ropes.

      You also get another look at the degrees. However, to go indepth in the degrees you take the Master Craftsman II program. That's heavily involved in the degrees. Once through both, it is my current opinion that you will be fairly well versed in the association. All that's left is to jump in with both feet and start working the degrees in some form.

    2. LDSpears
      Thank you.
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    Raised 8/89 in Clute, Tx. #1334. The lodge closed down and members moved to area lodges. Joined because my Grandfather showed me that a Mason was a good man. He passed away in 1993. I still miss him. He was my Hero.


    Bro. Larry D Spears, MM
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    Lake Jackson, Tx

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    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety." - Bro. Ben Franklin