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  1. LukeD

    Don't Hate Me But

    Quote: I can go buy a ring and learn every handshake code word and ritual online. Lol, and I can take a picture of a jet cockpit and be a fighter pilot. I have coworkers who say the same thing. There is much more to it than reading stuff online. I struggled with some stuff you mentioned...
  2. LukeD

    Stuck in a hard spot

    TACP huh? It will be a year or more before you are operational, and you will have little to no time for masonry. It is better suited for when you will be in one spot for a couple of years. Plus, TACP spends a lot of time at Ft Hood, so it's "Army wrong" chow for you. I would sit down with your...
  3. LukeD

    How we do things

    Colby, I think this is something you see more in military lodges overseas. I've heard from a few Prince Hall friends that their lodges overseas are much more hands on as you would say. Some claim it's hazing, so I'm sure it's practice is declining. I could be wrong, but I don't believe it's a...
  4. LukeD

    Clandestine, Irregular, Unrecognized

    Bro Stedman, Sounds like you can teach an old dog a new trick. Sometimes it's the older Brethren who need some education now and then, of course, in a respectful way. Glad to hear you had a productive day with your Lodge.
  5. LukeD

    Questions regarding membership.

    Whatever you do, don't demit from your lodge and then try to join another one that is closer. I would petition for dual membership first, then decide afterwards if you want to stay or leave your mother lodge. I'm sure someone on here will have a more technical and in-depth answer, but that...
  6. LukeD

    Awesome Freemason Video

    I haven't been more motivated about something from a video than the Army of One commercials that came out around 2007 lol. bro, you left yourself wide open on that one.
  7. LukeD

    Facebook Page for Lodge (Questions)

    For being an Army guy and not having any pictures to help you set up the site, I think you did a wonderful job. In all honesty, it really looks great.
  8. LukeD


    It may all depend on where you live and the demographics of your potential lodge. I would just be you and not make your sexual orientation the main topic of discussion, or even bring it up. Good moral turpitude, a belief in deity, no serious criminal record, and a desire in your heart to be a...
  9. LukeD

    Traveling Certificate

    That is pretty cool idea. Would it completely replace the need for an examination?
  10. LukeD


    Sometimes it takes a visit to a lodge to really influence their decision. During my first visit, one brother in particular took me around the entire lodge explaining what he could, then skipped the business meeting to answer all my questions and talk to me about why I wanted to join. We were...
  11. LukeD

    1911 the gun inspired by god

    Can't beat a revolver. Pull the trigger and it goes bang. I bought a ruger sp101 in 357 mag, and it is one of my favorites.
  12. LukeD

    1911 the gun inspired by god

    I'm not a 1911 fan, but most of my handguns have night sights and a hogue grip. There are some square and compass grips for 1911s on eBay.
  13. LukeD

    Freemasonry in the American Revolution

    Thanks for the sources. I'll look them up.
  14. LukeD

    Hello from Italy

    Greetings. Based on your post I learned we had American Lodges overseas, or predominately military lodges. I was under the impression military lodges were only chartered by PHA grand lodges. Interesting to see you fall under the Grand Orient of Italy. Hopefully I'll be heading to Aviano in...