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  • Bro. Jim, How are you doing? These games are making me as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
    You can always forget about stats and record books when UK and Indiana play. Same thing when UK and Louisville collide. I don't know what happened to Baylor as I thought the Bears would give the Cats all they could handle. UK-Louisville will be a barn burner, but at this point I really think the only team that can beat UK is UK. If they play their game nobody will beat UK. But of course I am biased. If they do win, I promise not to crow too much.
    RedTemplar! Enjoying this IU-UK game big time! Well paid so far. How you holding up brother!
    Bro. Jim, yes, the Cats do show moments of brilliance. It will be difficult for them to make the final four if they don't start making their free throws and rebound more. Indiana beat them 73-72. The Cats should be ready by March, I hope. The Cats play Louisville on Saturday. While Louisville is over rated, it doesn't matter when they play UK. It should be a good game. 1st half, anyways.(grin).

    Don't worry about finishing your term as Master. Whether you start at the beginning, middle or end of the term, you can only be as good as your officers and craft support you. Doing the best you can is good enough.

    My lodge has had some brothers to step down as officers for various reasons, so I am serving a SW this year which just started on Dec. 27.

    Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year to you and yours.

    Lets keep each other posted with news and good and wholesome instruction.

    May God bless,
    Johnny Joe Combs
    Brother Red Templar! I didn't expect to catch you online with the ball game on. WOW! Did you fall out of the chair when the 'Cats ran that don-t-touch-the-floor-five-pass-dunk against Lamar tonight! Looks like your boys are loaded for a Final Four run.

    I also saw some of the Louisville game. Ranked fourth but lost at home.

    Have they already played the LU-UK game? Indiana-UK? I have been busy as the devil the past couple of months. I am now servicing as WM pro tem for the remainder of this year in one of my lodges. JW in the other and on a degree team down in the Galveston Scottish Rite valley.

    It's very tough jump-starting your program in the East this far into the year. But I'm doing the best I can.

    Hope you folks had a very good Christmas and will have a safe and happy New Year up in the bluegrass country.

    God speed brother ... jim hoffpauir
    We are supposed to br getting a small skiff of snow, maybe an inch or two, this week and turnoff pretty next week. It seems this year most of the snow has fell either to the North or South of us.

    I live pretty close to town but it is on a slope. About two weeks ago, we were snowed in for about three days.

    Stay safe and warm....JJ Combs, DDGM

    How's the weather up there brother? It left Houston headed your way about 10:45 this morning. We are woefully short of road weatherizing skills down here and had a real demolition derby this morning. Some folks tried to get to work at noon but started another five o'clock crash party this afternoon.

    No one in my neighborhood moved. I brought the ole laptop back last night and worked by the fireplace all day.

    Do you live in town or on a mountain slope? Either should be looking postcard pretty by tomorrow morning.

    God bless from frozen in Houston.

    A byte later brother ... jwhoff

    Cold enough for you up there brother? Nothing much to do except set around watching the 'Cats make more fodder out of the SEC, I'll bet.

    Stay loose ... jwhoff
    Hey RedTemplar!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Houston. God bless you and yours along the way.

    ... jwhoff
    Thanks RedTemplar, I've enjoyed reading your posts over the past year or so. Hope things aren't as hot up in Kentucky as they are here in Houston. We're suffering under a heat wave alert ... two full weeks now. Blue grass! I've got no grass.

    God speed brother ... jwhoff
    Xerses! not bad.

    Was one of my "power lunch" hopefuls some years back and I still would like to meet the man.

    Hope you would consider having an ole cajun bayou country boy among your list of friends. I did so request.

    Damian the Great would be pleased to know his most influencial offspring is so highly regarded loe these 3000 years later.
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