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  1. Jrich

    Widows sons in Texas

    Maybe a dumb question but are the widows sons in Texas? If not is there any particular reason or just no interest? Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry Mobile
  2. Jrich


    Is the fraternity pretty much put on halt due to the pandemic? Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry mobile app
  3. Jrich


    Has anyone ever got a mason to sign their petition for them that they had never met in person? Like if they only met and knew each other through online sources like this app and other social media. Just asking because of the situation we are in some lodges have not been meeting up and may only...
  4. Jrich

    Trying to become a mason

    I’ve met with the worshipful master of the nearest lodge to me and had a great conversation. He informed me of the process necessary to become a mason and that for the next few months I should show up at the lodge and start getting to know the members. I very much want to become a mason and it...