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  1. Glen Cook

    It Goes On: Knights Templar GM Johnson Issues Decisions Against Great Priory CBCS

    In the US a In the US,Scotland, and England, the symbolic degrees are under the GLs. The GLs can confer the first three degrees if they wish, as dine in some other countries. To clarify, KT is not required for CBCS. Neither is Cryptic/R&S. There is no reason they should be. KT and CBCS can...
  2. Glen Cook

    Hello from Tulsa, Akdar 555

    I’m a member of Tulsa Daylight.
  3. Glen Cook

    Initiation of a Saudi Arabian brother.

    You cannot join in Saudi. You can seek to do so in Kenya.
  4. Glen Cook

    Masks on! Masks off! Masks on! Masks off!

    There certainly is a tension between the willingness of a leader to admit he got it wrong, and the need for consistency in governance.
  5. Glen Cook


    And we hope you haven’t left FM!
  6. Glen Cook

    Masks on! Masks off! Masks on! Masks off!

    The difficulty of the GM in making these decisions and his responsibility for the welfare of the Craft is well described. He is often between Skylla and Charybdis. He also has a duty to protect the reputation of the Craft. As we made decisions for Convent General next week, this was an...
  7. Glen Cook

    New York Rite Offices

    Do I understand that you have now been installed in all the YR presiding chairs?
  8. Glen Cook

    Regular Grand Lodge of Italy is not so regular, and Grand Orient of Italy is not so irregular.

    Well, I don’t see any reflection on the regularity of RGLI, but yes, there is vindication.
  9. Glen Cook

    York Rite Equivalent of Morals and Dogma?

    No equivalent of which I am aware to M&D. I would recommend Neville Cryer’s books.
  10. Glen Cook

    Should the history channel have done a show on freemasons.

    UGLE and GLScot both participated in documentaries showing the temple and parts of ritual.
  11. Glen Cook

    Hello and Good Day

    I spent last week in Houston.
  12. Glen Cook

    Hello and Good Day

    Then change that sig line, my brother! Which lodge and grand lodge?
  13. Glen Cook

    Freemason Member Photos

    “..full of wise and learned view…” Well, we’re full of something. :). I understand your point, and the balance between openness and maintaining mystique. One of my favorite moments in my mother lodge is the lighting which leaves the officers in shadow during the degree. With a nod to Brother...
  14. Glen Cook

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Yes. We have many “trained” in the rituals, like a clever parrot, but understanding the rituals? Not so much. So, we continue our education, we care for each other, we do good works, we help other lodges, we fellowship. In sum, we mason.
  15. Glen Cook

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    And do you think that’s all he did for his lodge?
  16. Glen Cook

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Are you indicating he didn’t deserve the award? Who selects recipients in your jurisdiction?
  17. Glen Cook

    Masonic Cryptocurrency

    The website gives little information.
  18. Glen Cook

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Thanks for providing an example. The word “Apophänie” was coined by a German psychiatrist.