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  1. Mike Martin

    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    Thank you for your input, it's interesting. I've read your missive a few times and I can't help feeling that you could probably use a good long look in the mirror.
  2. Mike Martin

    Asking for help please

    There is no Freemasonry in your country and that, I'm sorry to say, is the end of your journey.
  3. Mike Martin

    Hello from NY

  4. Mike Martin

    Anyone from Turkey?

    I’m having a little difficulty following your logic if you think an English speaking Turkish Lodge would be available when a Turkish speaking Turkish Lodge is not? Also I’m not sure you’re going to have much luck finding an English speaking Lodge there, are you sure about the info you have?
  5. Mike Martin

    Can I become a Freemason in Tokyo

    As stated above there is Freemasonry present that you can ask but obviously there is no guarantee that you will be accepted.
  6. Mike Martin

    Chamber of Reflection

    Well that certainly told me, sorry for interrupting.
  7. Mike Martin

    The United Grand Lodge of England and The Rosicrucian Society of England

    You are correct and Soc Ros as it's known is also not Masonic but it is only open to Master Masons to join. This is a difference often lost on non~Masons, even when they work in Freemasons' Hall, London.
  8. Mike Martin

    Chamber of Reflection

    I'm not trying to argue but trying to enlighten, it's in the same category as people who write/talk about the United Grand Lodge of England before 1813, totally impossible and causes the author/speaker to lose credibility with their audience.
  9. Mike Martin

    Chamber of Reflection

    I bet that if you ask your Grand Secretary he will confirm that you are a WI Lodge and that an EC Lodge as understood by Grand Lodges (including Europe) around the world are English Constitution Lodges. Maybe you should spell out that you mean "European Concept" Lodge as that will help brethren...
  10. Mike Martin

    Chamber of Reflection

    EC Lodges are not able to use the French innovation known as "Chambers of Reflection". In fact having just looked back I can now see that you are NOT a member of an EC Lodge at all. For your information, in a Masonic context "EC Lodge" is the designation given to an English Constitution Lodge...
  11. Mike Martin

    Im located in United Arab Emirates and I like to become a Freemason. Do u have a lodge here in UAE.

    It is only possible to become a Freemason if you live in a country where there are Lodges of Freemasons for you to join. There are no Masonic Lodges in the UAE.
  12. Mike Martin

    Never received an apron

    You don't mention where in the world you are so it's hard to be specific. However, here in England the Aprons used during a Brother's Ea and FC belong to the Lodge and are only used by him whilst moving through those degrees. Quite often a Brother's Proposer would gift him his MM apron at his...
  13. Mike Martin

    Lodge in West Toronto/Peel to Join

    I think this will be the best place to start:
  14. Mike Martin

    My name is Neil Prasad

    You will need to find and contact the Freemasons where you live to talk to them about joining a Lodge.
  15. Mike Martin

    UGLE and Goose&Grind Iron Tavern spirit and contribution

    Your words make no sense again!
  16. Mike Martin

    Newham London

    Your words make no sense.
  17. Mike Martin

    New transfer

    You need to talk to the Secretary of your Mother Lodge UNLESS it is your intention to start the process from scratch in which case you Petition a Lodge where you now are. Just to add, you're right your Granddad's membership is irrelevant to yours.
  18. Mike Martin


    The fact that the person who is proposing you is not answering their phone makes me think that he may have fallen victim to Covid or some other calamity and you should try phoning the Secretary of the Lodge instead. On the bright side you mentioned that you've had a lifelong interest in...