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  1. Matt L

    New York Rite Offices

    I had a great time with the Sir Knights of Louisville-DeMolay Commandery #12. Meal and fellowship were outstanding. Matt & Warrior by Matt L posted Jul 31, 2021 at 10:36 AM Lousdemo12 by Matt L posted Jul 31, 2021 at 10:37 AM
  2. Lousdemo12


    Louisville-DeMolay Commandery #12
  3. Matt & Warrior

    Matt & Warrior

    Louisville-DeMolay Commandery #12
  4. Matt L

    Elected Commander of the Commandery

    Congratulations!!! See you on the 20th.
  5. Matt L

    Scottish rite or York rite

    I agree with what our esteemed Brothers have said. I'm a member of both. In my case right after I was raised, I was handed a petition for the YR. Once I went through the Chapter, it answered questions I had from the MM degree and put things in perspective. I took on to many things, and it...
  6. Matt L


    Welcome to the forum. Keep us updated on your progress. As WB Glen asked, Lodge and Location?
  7. Matt L

    Greetings from Central Texas

    Welcome Brother!!!
  8. Matt L

    Appointed To York Rite College Officer Line

    It's on my calendar and I will be there!
  9. Matt L

    Appointed To York Rite College Officer Line

    Is that July 20th? what time.
  10. Matt L

    Appointed To York Rite College Officer Line

    Warrior, Congratulations. I need to come up to visit your Commandery this summer.
  11. Matt L

    York Rite College

    I enjoy the YRC and ritual. When I'm in the lodge with my YRC Distinguished Brethren, I look around and see Masons that I've looked up to since joining the fraternity. The YRC is a great opportunity to learn, and the fellowship is outstanding. Good luck. I hope you find the YRC as rewarding...
  12. Matt L

    Making Good Men Better

    I just purchased it. I'm intrigued, too. Thanks for the link.
  13. Matt L

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Brother Michael, congratulations on your 1st degree. Keep us up to date on your progress.
  14. Matt L

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    We did run out, a quick trip to the barbecue place, got us through. I did fail to mention that.
  15. Matt L

    New Mason

    Congratulations Brother! Keep us informed of your progress.
  16. Matt L

    South East Department Conference June 11th & 12th

    Any other Companions and Sir Knights going to the S.E. Department conference in Mobile, Alabama?
  17. Matt L

    Slowly getting back to normal.

    Outstanding Brother Keith!!
  18. Matt L

    Hello from NY

    Welcome Brother! I'm a born and raised Long Islander, grew up in Suffolk County. You found a great forum and resource.
  19. Matt L

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    When I was a new sitting SW, I asked the secretary to print me a list of lodge members. I decided to have a meal, open to the brothers and their wives. I went back and personally visited and invited all Past Masters and 20 year and up members, a majority I had never met. Some of these...