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  1. Bro_Vick

    Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium in Cincinnati 8/15-17, 2014

    Tomorrow is the last day to register for the Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium in Cincinnati, OH. The list of scheduled speakers is impressive and shows a diverse range of backgrounds and compelling talks. It is most likely too late for those that are traveling from a distance (like...
  2. Bro_Vick

    Book Review: For the Good of the Order

    Over Christmas I was handed a book titled "For the Good of the Order: Examining the Shifting Paradigm within Freemasonry". The author is John Bizzack, PhD, from Lexington Lodge #1 of Lexington, Kentucky. This book attempts to look at Freemasonry in the context of shifting paradigms, and how...
  3. Bro_Vick

    Yearly Dues

    HA! Thanks for the catch, $125 a year, not a month. ;)
  4. Bro_Vick

    Yearly Dues

    I didn't see that anyone actually addressed your question. The dues are $125 a year, dues are paid directly to Scottish Rite in DC, notices are sent in November due 31 December. Hope this helps! S&F, -Bro Vick
  5. Bro_Vick

    custom aprons

    Because of the sensitivities that anything and everything is up to interpretation at Grand Lodge, I would just wear either a Past Master (if you are one, as those aren't uniform, and vary greatly) or just a white Apron. With that being said, I am looking to buy one, if for no other reason to...
  6. Bro_Vick

    Current Research Efforts

    Currently working on the Jesuit influence on the high degrees of Freemasonry, what a mess that has been! Working on more obscure degrees from France, which makes the formation of the Rite of Strict Observance seem like a logical step in European Freemasonry. What are you all working on? S&F...
  7. Bro_Vick


    They use to be more popular in San Antonio than the Masons! Still I have yet to see where they meet outside of the Northeast. S&F, -Bro Vick
  8. Bro_Vick

    A Friend - A Brother

    Yeah the threat of Masonic charges and actual attempt of Masonic charges ruins Masonic enlightenment. I have seen charges pressed rightfully so, and have seen them pressed out of pettiness. Someone threatened me with Masonic charges because they don't like me, it soured me for a while on the...
  9. Bro_Vick

    A Friend - A Brother

    That portion of the process has been taken out of the lodges hands, and has been moved to the Grand Secretary for reasons that have never been clear to me. The Junior Warden now does little regarding the law as anyone can file charges directly with the Grand Secretary and the dispute is never...
  10. Bro_Vick

    Freemasonry in the military

    I am confused, is there any place that military members who are masons meet outside of lodge? S&F, -Bro Vick
  11. Bro_Vick

    Do you consider others from unchartered lodges your brother?

    Re: Do you consider others from unchartered lodges We can't use cousins, we use that for the Order of Knight Masons. ;) S&F, -Bro Vick
  12. Bro_Vick

    Looking forward to my Entered Apprentice Degree

    Re: Looking forward to my Entered Apprentice Degre Congrats! One of our plural members is a Past Master from New Jersey, and he has wonderful stories about his time in their Blue Lodge. Enjoy it! S&F, -Vick
  13. Bro_Vick

    I really want this watch...sold out though

    The music makes the video! S&F, -Bro Vick
  14. Bro_Vick

    Chamber of Reflection

    The DI for our district made the statement at our last stated meeting that a lodge got their charter pulled for having a Chamber of Reflection, I was skeptical of this, as I haven't heard of it happening. So did it really happen, or was the statement more of a scare tactic? S&F, -Bro Vick
  15. Bro_Vick

    Church Objection?

    That was a joke, the also had AmWay listed as a satanic symbol. Yoga on the other hand has been actually criticized as putting your soul at risk. Freemason Connect HD
  16. Bro_Vick

    Church Objection?

    It isn't common, it is usually individual church leaders more than actual denominations. I have read about Yoga being satanic in nature, and other such statements. Generally it is because church leaders are jealous of your participation, or worried that you are becoming too heavily involved in...
  17. Bro_Vick

    Pope says that Masonic Lobby worse of a Problem than Homosexuality

    I honestly don't think the church cares about what is regular or isn't, scholars or no scholars...
  18. Bro_Vick

    Pope says that Masonic Lobby worse of a Problem than Homosexuality

    And you know this how? The Pope makes distinctions between regular and irregular Masonic practices? Sent from my Desire HD using Freemasonry mobile app
  19. Bro_Vick

    Pope says that Masonic Lobby worse of a Problem than Homosexuality

    From the Popes recent statements in Brazil he said the following: “The problem is not having this orientation,†he said. “We must be brothers. The problem is lobbying by this orientation, or lobbies of greedy people, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the worse...
  20. Bro_Vick

    Advice For Esoteric Masons

    I didn't write it, someone else did, and I posted it here for discussion (which has worked for the most part). I always sign what ever I write. ;) S&F, -Bro Vick