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  1. Ross Thompson

    Never received an apron

    I would suspect RW:. Cook is correct for most, if not all, jurisdictions. I know Texas holds the apron until you're raised a Master Mason. If you are a MM, then there should have been a presentation ceremony. At least in Texas that's the way it works. But I do know that the correct WM was in...
  2. Ross Thompson

    Tracing Board

    Unfortunately, yes... But that's a good idea. To my knowledge, the tracing board hasn't been a tool used by Texas Freemasonry in a long time. It is alluded to in the Master's lecture, but typically not present in the lodge room. I'm considering reaching out to the Grand Secretary to see if he...
  3. Ross Thompson

    Tracing Board

    Does anyone have a good source to purchase a Master Mason tracing board that follows the MM degree in Texas or that is approved for use in the MM lecture by GLoTX?
  4. Ross Thompson

    Lechworth's Masonic Shop Remodeled in London's Freemasons' Hall

    Link to Lenchworth's website is broke, contains a / where one shouldn't be.
  5. Ross Thompson

    What is Philosophy?

    Obviously the Tyler has fallen asleep. LOL
  6. Ross Thompson


    Yes they do, but it's a 4 hour round trip right now and your electrons away ;). Thank you Brother Cook. Your time, patients and response is valued. Edit: I understand Pete Normand isn't the Grand Secretary.
  7. Ross Thompson


    Thank you for the response Brother Cook. Yes, I should check with the Grand Secretary. However, I've been taught not to contact Grand Lodge on my own, that I should go through my lodge secretary. Since he is currently stripping cotton, I didn't want to call him from his labor to run what had the...
  8. Ross Thompson


    Ok Brothers. I'm looking for recognition info between Grand Lodge of Texas and Grand Lodge of Quebec. Any insights before I bug my lodge secretary? Edit: They are UGLE recognized, so my assumption is yes... but that lodge secretary I spoke of earlier, yeah he'll make an a** out of me.
  9. Ross Thompson


    Hello and welcome.
  10. Ross Thompson


    Congrats! Welcome to the forum.
  11. Ross Thompson

    Professional Networking

    Rotary, possibly Toastmasters, but not Freemasonry.
  12. Ross Thompson

    New to the idea

    Yes the memory does become harder with age, but you'll hold on you it longer. When I do memory work with a brother, I go until he stumbles then start over at the beginning. This seems harsh, but reinforces the work he's already committed to memory. You're working your ashlar, it's about...
  13. Ross Thompson

    G'Day from Australia

    Congrats and welcome. Don't let age be an issue, we learn from both young and old.
  14. Ross Thompson

    Pain and loss and DRAMA

    Any follow-up Brother? Hope all is well and on a better path, prayers, peace and harmony to you and yours.
  15. Ross Thompson

    New to the idea

    Congrats brother! Be diligent with your proficiency studies, have an open mind to the text any your mentor, there is a lot of information to be gleaned in the allegories of the degree work.
  16. Ross Thompson

    The Ruffians 101 - Part 1 and 2

    bravo coach. That filled in a lot of spaces and caused me to think on the allegory more. Thanks for the new rabbit holes...;)o_O:)