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  1. Sirius

    2010 Grand Lodge Annual Communication resolutions results

    Square & Compasses Holdings.
  2. Sirius

    RIP Jerry Southerland, PM

    Today I awoke to some unexpected news; my original Lodge mentor had passed away. While we had grown apart in recent years and had some disagreements in regards to Lodge, I never stopped appreciating what he had done for me as a young candidate. I will never forget our many hours of...
  3. Sirius

    175th Grand Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Texas

    I'll be there Friday and Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you Brethren.
  4. Sirius

    New Ring

    I got mine! You're right its a beautiful ring. Just in time for Grand Lodge.
  5. Sirius

    divine authenticity of the Holy Scriptures

    Exactly. What business is it of ours to say what God approves of? That sounds like the role of religion.
  6. Sirius

    New Ring

    I love it. Can't wait to get mine. My favorite part about the photo spread is the hollow point used to prop up the ring.
  7. Sirius

    divine authenticity of the Holy Scriptures

    This has been an interesting discussion. I have yet to determine the value of the question, "do you believe in the divine authenticity of the holy scriptures?" Especially since we say it means what you want it to mean. How does a mans acknowledgment of a holy book recommend a man to made a...
  8. Sirius

    Things Left Unsaid

    Exactly! Masonry lost touch w it's own vital center. How do we reconnect? It starts right here with us. We are the reconnectors. The organization of masonry is losing members because it has been trying so hard to be something else, a charitable social club. If all we are is a club, there are...
  9. Sirius

    Things Left Unsaid

    Please, do come see us and see what makes Fort Worth Lodge different. As a Grand Lodge we're going to have make some real course corrections soon. I belive, an emphasis on ritual and the initiatic experience ,as we have done in Ft Worth, is the answer to our declining membership numbers. Men...
  10. Sirius

    Defining masonry

    So true. An excellent example is the Monitor of the Lodge. The Lightfoot Monitor has been gutted and edited down o the point that it very basic. Many wonder aloud what the future of Freemasonry will hold. But the answer lies in the fraternity embracing its own mystical initatic heritage.
  11. Sirius

    Things Left Unsaid

    We have a lot to be proud of a Fort Worth Lodge. It was long known for leading the way. And once again, it is rising up to meet the challenge of the day.
  12. Sirius

    Things Left Unsaid

    In all of the discussion about the budget and the per capita, I have not noticed much discussion about the real issue. Namely, where we do we go from here? What is the future of Freemasonry? The answers to the questions will differ depending on what Freemasonry is to the individual. For...
  13. Sirius

    Chad McMinn Fortworth 148

    It's always good to have another fellow brother of 148 on here. Welcome. Sonny
  14. Sirius

    divine authenticity of the Holy Scriptures

    Bro Barry, Which landmark do you speak of? Would you mind explaining the value of that question? What value does it have to you? Thank you for your response. Sonny
  15. Sirius

    Name three things you wish we could change...

    A very interesting thought. Is it possible?
  16. Sirius

    Fort Worth No. 148 Website

    I don't have the exact numbers, but its responsible for more than that. The look may have been revamped but the same basic site has been bringing them in for years. Yall are doing real good work keeping that going. I'm super proud of Ft Worth Lodge.
  17. Sirius

    Masonic Restoration Foundation

    Awesome website about a possible future for some lodges and Masonry in general. The Masonic Restoration Foundation and its members believe deeply in the following tenets regarding Freemasonry: Freemasonry is foremost an initiatic institution, the...
  18. Sirius

    divine authenticity of the Holy Scriptures

    I agree. Man should be guided by something, some set of principles. But must it be written? Does the written word make it special? Or does it have to be one specific document to can it be an amalgamation of spiritual thought from throughout the ages? Obviously, Art 397 leaves it to the...
  19. Sirius

    divine authenticity of the Holy Scriptures

    The Holy Bible upon the alter of Freemasonry is symbolic of the enlightenment shared by a Creator with the created. Indeed, it is a powerful symbol. That symbol has nothing to do with the question, “Do you seriously declare, upon your honor, that you firmly believe in the existence of God, the...
  20. Sirius

    2010 Annual Communication Resolutions Disscussion

    The debate on this one should be interesting. This resolution would take away from the candidate, and each of us, the right to determine what is the VSL. It would seem to require acknowledgment of the Holy Bible ,and only the Holy Bible, as divinely authentic.