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  1. bupton52

    GL of Florida recognizes Florida PHA GL Sent from my iPad using My Freemasonry Mobile
  2. bupton52

    Pros and Cons of Consolidation

    What are your thoughts on this? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to having a single GL made up of a merger of the GL and PHGL of the respective state? What of one for the entire US modeled off of the way the UGLE is structured with provincial (state) GLs? Sent from my iPhone using My...
  3. bupton52

    Android and iOS apps

    How savvy do I have to be to create an app for android or apple devices? Also, how rich do I need to be to do it?
  4. bupton52

    I'm free.......kinda!

    I finally got rid of my iphone and I'm enjoying my new Samsung Galaxy S4. Best decision I ever made. I still have an ipad 2, but I'm finding myself using it less and less.