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  1. Brother_Steve

    After 29 years of being Mason in-name-only, I am publicly dropping the bomb

    Brethren, The ODC is not happening as much as the OP suggests. It was done three times since 2013 that I can recall. It was recently done in 2021 to clean up the backlog created by COVID and it was up to the local lodge to send the individual Lodge to send the candidate / Brother in...
  2. Brother_Steve

    "Encouraging" a potential brother

    Leave a petition with his wife and ask her to tell her husband that he would make a great mason
  3. Brother_Steve

    Masonic Lawyer Missouri harassment case

    This shouldn’t even be on a forum
  4. Brother_Steve


    read below. We may choose sides in conflict but we do not abandon our duty we owe to our Brothers. It is a weird concept, but it is akin to the old saying, “it’s nothing personal. It’s just business.” A Savannah Story Found in the records of a lodge in Savannah is a story of how, with war...
  5. Brother_Steve

    Passed to Fellowcraft

    Interesting. The FC degree is the only degree where we bring everyone out at the same time for first and second section in NJ. Our fc degree runs just the same if we have 1 or 5 guys being passed.
  6. Brother_Steve

    Last meeting in the East tonight

    Congratz. Leaving the East is bittersweet. try to stay active and press the master to keep you involved in the form of committees and ritual. You’re the Junior PM. I hope your new master calls upon you for guidance and inspiration
  7. Brother_Steve

    Unsolicited Appointment to JW.

    Interesting. I could nominate anyone I wanted to, present or not in your jurisdiction? We have language that states: you have been nominated to serve as Junior Warden for the ensuing Masonic year. Do you accept the nomination and if elected will you serve? Presence is required. An email must...
  8. Brother_Steve

    Unsolicited Appointment to JW.

    Sounds like the Lodge nominated and elected the brother without his knowledge. you have to be present to accept the nomination.
  9. Brother_Steve

    America250PA and Grand Lodge of PA Liberty Tree Project

    Very cool that the plantings are descended from the last tree. What brought the original trees down? Age? Disease? Development?
  10. Brother_Steve

    Freemasonry AS religion?

    In order to approach freemasonry as a religion, you would already have had to have been exposed to religion in one form or another. Even then, the lodge would remind you of your faith to said religion. It wouldn’t replace your religion.
  11. Brother_Steve

    Entire Progressive Line quits!

    What would have happened if you ran against the PM and won? Would those who were sided with the PM eventually leave? What would the condition of the lodge be if your line stayed and each progressive officer finally made it to the East? I take issue with some of the thought processes of the JW...
  12. Brother_Steve

    Historical Knights Templar

    Your best bet is to hit your local library or find older documentaries that are uploaded on YT.
  13. Brother_Steve

    Passed to Fellowcraft

    Did you mean 6 candidates? We would need dispensation to do more than 5 and the GM here will not grant it. We'd have to split up them up into two degrees to get 6 guys done.
  14. Brother_Steve

    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    I read about driving a car in high school in drivers Ed. That still didn't prepare me for what it would be like to actually drive a car...
  15. Brother_Steve

    Installed as Junior Warden

    Congrats. It goes fast. Try to get your programs lined up for your year in the east.
  16. Brother_Steve

    Anyone from Grand Lodge of Ohio

    You would have to hire a heir tracer and that could be cost restrictive unless there is a brother who is in that business that could find someone related to the individual. Unfortunately, it would probably be a waste if the man did not have any living direct descendants.
  17. Brother_Steve

    Masonic Cryptocurrency

    Money and trust do not mix. Edited: I picked up on your sarcasm.
  18. Brother_Steve

    Slowly getting back to normal.

    Did you repeat your year? I did not as I only missed 4 meetings last year and I made sure that our second half of the year was getting everyone comfy in advanced chairs through rehearsals.