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  1. Bloke

    One Sentence Description of Freemasonry

    Hello Brethren I get asked a lot about Freemasonry and came up with a single sentence: Freemasonry is a philosophical system for good moral conduct that brings diverse men together. What do you think ? Do you have a good sentence like, or better than, the above I could borrow ?
  2. Bloke

    Luebberman took the building off the town’s hands for $5,000 in 2020

    A Masonic Building defaulted on Taxes and was snapped up for $5K according to this news report..
  3. Bloke

    Freemasonry in the Colony of Victoria (Australia)

  4. Bloke


    By Jorge Sanchez SHORT TALK BULLETIN, Vol. 84 , No. 3, March, 2006. Thought this might be of interest Full Article is below
  5. Bloke

    Rosslyn Chapel & Scottish Freemasonry

    Thanks goodness, some sense on Rosslyn..
  6. Bloke

    Lane's Masonic Records

    I spend hours the other might searching lodges in this directory of English Lodges. I may be a sad boring fellow - but it was fun ! ;)
  7. Bloke

    So, what's the pandemic done to your lodge ?

    I guess for many of us, it might be a bit early to answer this question... but we can take stock as at now.. Firstly, we have have a build up of applicants. One of my friends lodges here has 11 applications. We only get a few per year normally. Both my lodges have at least 4. Many have 4 to 8 -...
  8. Bloke


    So this is not Masonic, but that's important masonic information in itself. I recognise the name of all sorts of Fraternities and side orders, Masonic and otherwise, but not heard of this one until I saw some images of Jewels on the web... Straight from Wikipedia Military Order of the Cootie...
  9. Bloke

    Your GL's position on reading Ritual versus reciting Ritual by memory

    Does your Grand Lodge have a position on if the ceremonial can be read or must be recited - or is it left to individual lodges to decide ? Use the comments section to elaborate..
  10. Bloke

    What can we do ? What should we do?

    Bro Glen posted a news story on Freemasons helping feed people during COVID-19. It is here It has got me thinking about what we've been up to..... Some of my members have been helping on feeding the needy in the wider...
  11. Bloke

    Diary of a Frustrated Mason

    Gold !! Very amusing, a Brother diarizing his COVID-19 Masonic Day via twitter...
  12. Bloke

    Hello Western Australia :)

  13. Bloke

    This gave me goosebumps watching distant Brethren... lovely...

    Singing starts at 49 seconds..
  14. Bloke

    Old Google Sites and New Google Sites - looking for another CMS

    Greetings Brethren. I use Google Sites for my businesses and also for masonic purposes. I have 5 sites I own and personally keep active and administer. Firstly, if you're a G-Mail or other Google product user, you can export your data via a tool which it can be hard to discover. You can assess...
  15. Bloke

    A number

    6.3 million That's how many pageviews are showing on Chris Hodapp's blog page.. That's pretty astounding, it's from 2010 - averaging more than 1 million hits a years. I get excited because I've got 24K LOL, but there is going to be a generation (or...
  16. Bloke

    Brought to Light Masonic Podcast, from the Blue Lounge Social Club...

    A few years ago, a group of younger masons started to get together in a masonic centre in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs... this has grown into the Blue Lounge Social Club - designed to provide fellowship through events to younger masons, their friends and family... I've not engaged with them...
  17. Bloke

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

    My last tablet was an Asus Infinity TouchPad. I loved it because of the detachable base with keyboard. The base had a memory card in it and battery so when you mounted your tablet into the base you could access memory, use a proper keyboard with physical buttons, AND could recharge. Oh, and it...
  18. Bloke

    all recognized Master Masons currently in active military service or have in the past served and is

    Therefore, be it resolved that paragraph 3.1.1 of Article 3, National Bylaws, and National Regulations 3.1 be changed, amended, or administratively conformed to permit all recognized Master Masons currently in active military service or have in the past served and is now listed as honorably...
  19. Bloke

    Wireless Mobile Phone Charger

    I've got a Galaxy S6 which I purchased about a year ago. Very happy with it. A friend recently brought me a Samsung Wireless Fast Charge Pad. I'd see this accessory when I purchased the phone, but the manual said you needed a special cover, but it charges through my cheapy cover without...