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    Passed to Fellowcraft

    I was surprised to have a message for two young men who want to discuss Masonry. They are both the grand children of Masons elsewhere. Oddly, one said he didn't know any Masons. I said I knew him, and I would be his grand dad would be doing cart wheels if he were to join.
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    Passed to Fellowcraft

    During past years, only a few would join the practice. It's difficult to practice with several missing. Not so now. All showed and participated. It made the work nearly seamless start to finish. We have an EA in 3 weeks, and 2 MM in 4 weeks. The guys are getting some good work outs.
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    Passed to Fellowcraft

    We usually have one or two practices for degree work. It has been a great assist to flow of the work.
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    Fraternal greetings to all my brothers !

    We are doing two FC tomorrow evening. We will also schedule a visitation for a petitioner.
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    Lodge Secretary Appreciation Day

    My wife once asked when I would no longer be the secretary. I told her from our lodge's history, it would be when the secretary dies. Our lodge later consolidated, so I escaped death and secretary duties. Still busy.
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    Greetings and salutations to all my brethren.

    Historically and fraternally, congratulations for your lodge.
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    Just raised!

    I should have been more clear. I found three movies of Templar conclaves from the 1950's. That has been converted to digital. But records should be well protected.
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    Just raised!

    I was in the basement vault a while back. I found a book of photos of MM from about 1867 through about 1915. The photos were taken about 1915. They look untouched. I also found three tapes from Templars from 1950's. A brother and I have sent them in to be converted to digital. Haven't seen...
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    Brotherly Advice

    I have always thought JW was a great place to be. One gets to determine the refreshments, and how they are served. One gets to encourage the brothers to stick around for fellowship, too. Also, don't overlook that if you suffered any brain injury or concussion in your accident, you are likely...
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    NPD: "interview"

    "Half a@@ rituals" speaks loud and clear.
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    Just raised!

    Welcome and congratulations on your MM. We have two EA for proficiency Tuesday, and a petition for the desk that night, also. One EA said he wants every experience in the degree work, and not to hold back. I have called upon three brothers from a nearby lodge who play the ruffians to...
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    Lodge Officer Duties - Worshipful Master

    I have been WM in years past in another lodge. I was always somewhat tense inside, but don't think I showed it. This time, I can't say why, but I am full of joy sitting in the East. I think the men sense it. I was nominated from the floor after having been asked to accept for 2 months. I...
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    Greetings - OH / UT

    A newly initiated EA this past Tuesday is the great grandson of a mason of our lodge. . When he sat in the northeast corner, I told him I knew for a fact his great grandfather had sat in that spot on April 17, 1916. GL is very helpful in locating such information. The thought of the seating...
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    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    I have gone through some storage at the lodge. There were a couple boxes from a deceased brother. I will check those out. Thanks again for your kind suggestions.
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    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    Thank you for the suggestions. I'll pick one and begin reading.
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    Freemason: General Douglas MacArthur

    I was cleaning up some old records and memorabilia. I found a framed picture of McArthur. He is now displayed in the lobby of our second floor. Thank you for the extra information.
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    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    Could you share a few suggestions?
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    Dec. 7th WM installation

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    New from southern Michigan

    We had a great installation. Visitors are still commenting that it was the best installation they had attended. As each officer approached the East, I commented on a personal story about each, having known some since childhood. It was a great night. I'll use your advice.
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    New from southern Michigan

    Got pretty busy, and neglected my membership here. I was elected WM and installed last Tuesday evening. I was also awarded Mason of the Year. Yup, Masons can keep a secret real well. Didn't even know they were considering the award.