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    Marine Corps Freemasons

    Brother Vincent has a great selection of cigars.

    Marine Corps Freemasons

    Greetings Brother Moya, I had the pleasure of visiting Vegas #32 about 3 years ago. I definitely enjoyed smoking cigars with WBro. Weaver and conversing with WBro. Hoaglin while I was there. Great Lodge.

    First Black Master in Kentucky

    This is awesome and it definitely shows the 'Universality of Masonry'. I have had the unique pleasure of visiting a few Lodges in Kentucky's 27th District and have gained lifelong friends from my short time there. D.M. Robinson Immediate Past Master Honolulu Lodge F.&A.M. (Youngest and First...

    demiting from prince hall mason to mainstream

    It is sort of a local variation my Brother. The way Hawaii works on recognition is: we recognize all Prince Hall Grand Lodges that are recognized by their mainstream counterparts i.e. If the Grand Lodge of ?? recognizes the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of ?? then we automatically recognize them as...

    Marine Corps Freemasons

    Semper Fi to all the Marine Corps Veterans and Freemasons. D.M. ROBINSON Honolulu Lodge F.&A.M. Worshipful Master Senior Grand Deacon Grand Lodge of Hawaii F.&A.M. Trinity Valley Lodge No. 1048 Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.&A.M. Walhalla Lodge Lodge No. 69 United Grand Lodge of Victoria...

    demiting from prince hall mason to mainstream

    Keep in mind brethren that it is very difficult to get out of Prince Hall Masonry seeing that demits have to be voted on and approved...and Prince Hall Lodges do not allow one to demit into a Non Prince Hall Lodge. This causes a bit of an uproar once the Lodge finds out you're leaving one for...

    Something isn't right...

    Usually in situations like this, I find that these people posing to be Masons are either not current on their dues, not active, or a member of some clandestine Lodge. Just my observation, so please don't be discouraged by this if you come across this in the future.

    Petitioning to the "right" constitution and mother lodge.

    @Lowcarbjc, Both Grand Lodges are recognized around the world. I would suggest you seek out a Lodge where you feel at home and comfortable in. Also, once you become a member, you will have the ability to travel as a Mason and affiliate with other Lodges in your area. Either way I hope you...

    Coronado Lodge #441

    Brethren, If you are ever in the San Diego area, stop by Coronado Lodge #441 on Tuesday nights. These brothers are great. I got a warm welcome when I visited. D.M. ROBINSON Honolulu Lodge F.&A.M. Trinity Valley Lodge #1048 A.F&.A.M.