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  1. Bloke

    The Craft: How the Freemasons Made the Modern World

    100% agree Winter. It was a great read and I recommend it too. AND Iike you, will also probably go back to it again..
  2. Bloke

    New Books: 'The Craft' by John Dickie; 'History of Esoteric and Anagogic Doctrines' by...

    I read this book over Christmas. It was well written and unlike other books which will focus on a specific locations like UK or the USA or sometimes both, this book gave a much wider account of Freemasonry in places like Italy, Germany and Spain. It seemed pretty well researched. I don't agree...
  3. Bloke

    Hello from Miami

    Welcome from Australia Brother !
  4. Bloke

    I need join

    Sounds like a good start for a Freemason. In which country do you live ?
  5. Bloke

    Arizona PGM Jeff Carlton Killed in Traffic Accident

    Condolences to all who knew him.
  6. Bloke


    DISCLAIMER - this is just general comment and cannot be relied upon as I am no qualified to give tax advice... if this is question with large implications, you need to seek qualified and competent advice It depends on where you are and what you are exactly donating to. Most lodges are not legal...
  7. Bloke

    Hello! New from Ohio

    Yes, we are seeing it here occasionally, but it is still pretty rare...
  8. Bloke

    Urgent enquiry. Please help.

    I think its true.. we all need to be a bit (good) strange to stick with it..
  9. Bloke

    Hello! New from Ohio

    Welcome Bro Organist ! Are pianos common in Lodge ? We never see them, always organs..
  10. Bloke

    Jurisdiction bucket list

    Done ! Make it here and I will give you a Tour of a couple of inner city Masonic Centres ! (Trivia - we stopped calling them "Temples" so they were not mistaken for places of worship).
  11. Bloke

    New to the site...not to being a Mason

    Thank you. Look, listen and think - Great advice. I often say, it is not just what you know about Freemasonry, but what you think about it which counts :) And you cannot think properly about it, unless you try to know it, and in knowing it, ask as many questions as you. I am still asking as...
  12. Bloke

    Is it possible to join in Qatar?

    Hello hello :) Good luck with your studies.
  13. Bloke


    Greetings from Australia and welcome !
  14. Bloke

    Jurisdiction bucket list

    That would be good. Or the Schröder Rite in Germany.. PA in the USA would be cool.. because it seems so different. And an Irish Holy Royal Arch Chapter would be cool.. (and a Canadian too - but not sure exactly where. That's sentimental - my Chapter's Warrant came from Canada ) .. and a Hot...
  15. Bloke

    The Ashlars - India's First Podcast on Freemasonry

    I look forward to checking this out when I have time... Good to see something from India (And you have been busy - you are in a lot of Orders!!)
  16. Bloke

    Plantagenet Lodge No. 1454 - Contact Details, please

    Sorry I have not done more. Why do you want to become a Freemason ?
  17. Bloke

    Confirmed: Grand Master of Cuba Defects to the U.S.

    Tensions between two countries.
  18. Bloke

    Confirmed: Grand Master of Cuba Defects to the U.S.

    Every MWGM I have been close to has said something very similar to me. I hope this does not have diplomatic repurcusions or consequence to our Brothers in Cuba.
  19. Bloke

    Plantagenet Lodge No. 1454 - Contact Details, please

    Thanks for searching the forum to see if there was an answer - and sorry I did not read closely - apologies ! All States have their own GLs in Australia, with the NT attached to SA, and ACT attached to NSW. There is no single Grand Lodge for Australia You can try and hunt for the details of...