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  1. s_pike

    Hello Brethren!

    Hello Brother. Welcome!
  2. s_pike


    Congrats brother! It truely is a life changing moment.
  3. s_pike

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    Agreed my Brother.
  4. s_pike

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    I copied this from an earlier post on this thread. "One idea discussed on this forum and others is that of asking the newly initiated, passed, or raised brother to write a paper or presentation on some aspect of the degree in which he just participated." Nothing in the Degree work can be...
  5. s_pike

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    Here's my outlook on lazy EA's. I Became a Mason in 2008. I was, and still am working 12 to 14 hour days... a lot of the weeks I work(ed) 6 days and I do work a lot of 7 day work weeks too. With that said, I always found the time to call my instructor to set up a study day so I could work on...
  6. s_pike

    Masonic Home and School show on KERA

    Brethren, I awoke last Saturday morning at 4 AM to head to work and just so happened to stumble upon this wonderful program on KERA about the Masonic Home and School's football team which was named The Mighty Mites. The film makers profile the school as they fought their way through the...
  7. s_pike

    What was your first position?

    Senior Deacon this Masonic year. My first Officer position I've held in the Lodge.
  8. s_pike

    Would you purchase a Texas Freemason License Plate?

    YES!!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! I would purchase a set. I looked this up on the texas license plate section two months ago and to my surprise, no Masonic plates are offered! I'd be proud to slap these on my vehicles!
  9. s_pike

    Hello Brothers!

    Thank you Brother.
  10. s_pike

    Iam in need of a Job any openings

    Brother, I'm in Euless and I understand how hard it is to find work in N. Texas right now. What did you do in the past? What are your qualifications and or licenses? Have you tried to apply at AT&T as a UVerse installer/Tech. I believe they are hiring and I know that they are always...
  11. s_pike

    Hello Brothers!

    Thank you Brothers!
  12. s_pike

    Greetings Brothers

    Brother Bowden.... I love your Picture! LOL.... Is that a SHAM WOW APRON?
  13. s_pike

    Hello Brothers!

    I just wanted to drop a line and introduce myself. My name is S. Pike and I am a Master Mason from Estelle Lodge #582 in Euless. I enjoy this site and look forward to meeting some of you in the future.