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  1. Derek Harvey

    New initiate

    Well hello brother. Welcome. This is my real brother as well lol
  2. Derek Harvey

    Process Delayed

    Keep your head up.
  3. Derek Harvey

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    I'm an E.A.. my goal once I've reached m.m. is to join the york rite. It's all I can think about. My job sure makes it tough.
  4. Derek Harvey

    Masonic rings

    Oh that's a looker. Where do you get that from?
  5. Derek Harvey

    Aleister Crowley

    What is O.T.O?
  6. Derek Harvey

    The Real Self

    Very well said. I'm all for that. Totally agree
  7. Derek Harvey

    Us army

    Army vet here. 25Th Infantry division. 1-27Wolfhounds.
  8. Derek Harvey

    York Rite light

    Yea good advice. I do plan on doing one at a time. I wanna keep it traditional. Thank you
  9. Derek Harvey

    Hope to meet new brothers here in new zealand

    I'm new to masonry but it's good to see it grow and continue.
  10. Derek Harvey

    Hope to meet new brothers here in new zealand

    Hey bro. I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  11. Derek Harvey

    Few younger masons

    I agree brother. I'm only an EA but I'm only 34. The youngest in my lodge I think.
  12. Derek Harvey

    Newbie - just petitioned my local lodge

    Wait you got refreshments that's not fair lol.
  13. Derek Harvey

    Pictures of rings

    It would definitely show your masonic pride
  14. Derek Harvey

    Greetings fellow Brethen of the Light!

    How is your journey in masonry going brother? I'm Derek Harvey from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm working on my FC.
  15. Derek Harvey

    Greetings Brethren

    Your country looks very amazing.
  16. Derek Harvey

    Greetings from British Columbia!

    Welcome from Oklahoma.
  17. Derek Harvey

    What does Masonry mean to you?

    That's awsome
  18. Derek Harvey

    How many masons from Oklahoma here

    Are we the only two on here lol. Maybe the other tulsa brothers don't have this app
  19. Derek Harvey

    Battlefield 3?? (PS3)

    I'm playing both 3 and 4
  20. Derek Harvey

    How many masons from Oklahoma here

    Are there any masons from Oklahoma. The tulsa area in general