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  1. cacarter

    Hello from Tucson AZ!

    Welcome to myfreemasonry! I grew up in Willcox, to the east of Tucson and spent many weekends there. I'm sure I've driven past your lodge many times in my youth without ever realizing it.
  2. cacarter

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    It's like those arguments you hear that the Civil War was about states rights and not slavery. In this case it's the lodges and members not being given the proper notice/opportunity to vote on it.
  3. cacarter

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    If this is the case, then we should sell and build a smaller building. It would still have to cost less than the millions and millions it would cost to upgrade the current building.
  4. cacarter

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    If you are a Christian you should be a Knight Templar; thus, 'Yorkie.' FIFY.
  5. cacarter

    Texas Commanderies...a modest proposal

    This. Exactly this. This past year I got the feeling we were there for the purpose of getting high scores and winning awards rather than anything else. Oh ya, we made sure everyone was an endowed (or whatever its called) member of the Eye Foundation and we passed the hat at Christmas for some...
  6. cacarter

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    I have some small displays, but nothing that outright indicates my membership. I have a keychain, a concho on my briefcase, and a small sticker on my truck. I did away with the Masonic license plates since I didn't want people hating Freemasons in case they didn't like my driving.
  7. cacarter

    2014 Proposed Resolutions and Recommendations (GLoTX AF&AM)

    Good to see that that can got kicked down the road again. "Save the building! How dare you ask us for more money!"
  8. cacarter

    2014 Proposed Resolutions and Recommendations (GLoTX AF&AM)

    What were the A and B splits in Resolution 4?
  9. cacarter

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Did the festivals, barely remember any of it. Became an officer in my Commandery two months after joining. Right after inspection was done, I quit. The uniform was not the reason I quit, I bought it except for the chapeau, sword, and belt which I borrowed from the dead mans closet. The reason I...
  10. cacarter

    Handshake token outside the lodge

    I've been to some lodges that always give the masters grip when greeting each other, but I found this odd since someone could be watching and learn it (if they knew what they were looking for). Somewhere I read a post that said he only gives the EA grip when meeting new brothers because its by...
  11. cacarter

    Why I demited out of York Rite

    This sums it up for me as well. I'll go ahead and add that the drill adds to the ridiculousness of the uniforms. It looks like a bunch of Captain Crunch's marching around like tin soldiers. Even performing the new opening with 9, which is full form lite pretty much, it takes forever. From...
  12. cacarter

    Yes, Freemasonry is religion, and it’s incompatible with some Christian beliefs. Here’s why.

    Ya, Newsbot just searches the internet for masonic related posts and is in fact a robot. Not a real person. Just want to make sure that is clear.
  13. cacarter

    Blue Envelope Campaign

    They are continuing to raise money to renovate all parts of it. As far as I know, there are no plans to tear it down or close off portions during the year (they might already do this I have no idea.)
  14. cacarter

    Blue Envelope Campaign

    The grand lodge of Texas building in Waco.
  15. cacarter


    Is it possible that there is some fuzziness in the translation of acacia? It is known that Lebanon was once heavily forested with cedars, firs, and junipers. These trees are considered evergreens. At times the word evergreen is used as a synonym for acacia in our work.
  16. cacarter

    Blue Envelope Campaign

    I was the same way. It was like the scene in The Jerk when Steve Martin gets the phone book with his name in it, "I'm finally somebody!" Then the letdown. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  17. cacarter

    Blue Envelope Campaign

    I just received in the mail the Blue Envelope money raising campaign from Grand Lodge. Besides being disappointed that it wasn't in a blue envelope, I appreciated the fact that no outside vendors were involved this time so all the money would be going to the building fund. But I'm still okay...
  18. cacarter

    Is Freemasonry Prestigious?

    Not a bit. If someone hears that I am a mason they do not look at me with a sense of awe. It's been mentioned by others here that it is too cheap to be in freemasonry, we charge Walmart prices and get Walmart level prestige. I can see an argument that every man should be able to access the...
  19. cacarter

    June 26 Ranger Game! Masons perform!

    So how did this go? Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  20. cacarter

    Lions Club

    They sure would. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App