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    Age 18?

    We need good quality men. Who will finish, and stay active at lodge. Men who will take the time to learn the work. learn the lessons. Teach it to new members proficiently. and love masonry for what it truly means. How do you pick them out of the crowd. I wish to god i could tell you. Age has...
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    Just Raised

    Congratulations My Brother. You are now well on your way to the greatest journey of your life. Visit all that you can. Make friends that will last you a life time. May God bless you, in you future endeavors.
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    1st section

    Congratulations Brother. Ask questions, Learn all about the EA degree. Ask why and make sure you get a good answer. Ask several Brothers. Do no just memorize the work. Think about what you are saying. Learn the lessons.To turn in your work faster than anybody else. Does show that you have zeal...
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    Touchy Subject

    When did Homosexuality become a race. I thought it was a choice? I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT I AM NOT A RACIEST!! ( Now then If perception is reality) When your perception of reality leads you to believe that my opinions are unmasonic. Would it be unmasonic of me if felt the same way about yours as...
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    Conferred My First Degrees

    Brother Dave, i would like to congratulate you on your first and second degree conferrals. i remember when i conferred my first fellowcraft . i it was close but not perfect, and i was trained by A NOW PAST DISTRICT INSTRUCTOR WHO IS EXTREMELY WELL RESPECTED IN HIS WORK. BRO. GERALD HARRIS. AND...
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    Chamber of Reflection

    The chamber of reflection. is a great idea. i going to see what i can do with this at my lodge. when i went through the order of the temple, i was deeply moved by it. and i has left an impression on me that i Will not ever forget. i also like the idea of a monthly fellowship at someones house i...
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    Are we dying?

    :thumbup1:we need to give our brothers what they expected when they joined a fraternal organization. and that would be a fraternal organization that actually does something. this is a volunteer organization. and if your volunteers are not having fun they will not come back, or they will find a...
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    may god bless, and have mercy on these people. we will pray for them.
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    Scale model of King Solomon's Temple

    wow! what a labor of love!
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    My Prayer For You Today

    thank you. i needed that.
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    i will be 46 on 01-10-10. it is nice to see such a good variety of ages.
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    bro Jones, my god watch over, and bless you, and comfort you and your family during these difficult times. i will keep you in my prayers also.
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    as always great stuff, thanks for keeping our minds busy.
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    Prop 5

    halfassism has no place in masonry. i think that about covers it. don't you agree?
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    Code Books

    well i hope none of us ever have to put these solutions to practice. they are both good. but the thought of having to turn in a brother for trying to learn the work. will always bother me. but in the end, we got to do what we have to do. judge with candor, admonish with friendship, and reprehend...
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    Tilers Oath

    at my lodge we have had ea's and fc's show up from different cities in Texas before by themselves, and from out of state traveling on work, we even had an ea show up from France. we checked them out. made sure they were legitament, and even did exams on them it worked out just fine. and i have...
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    Tilers Oath

    yes you are correct i/we do that also it works great, i was just wandering about the Tyler's oath. if they were to show up by themselves, would you be willing to break it down like that if you had the chance. and should we teach it to them. and just add each level as they progress?
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    Tilers Oath

    in Texas you can examine an ea, or a fc, or a mm, now then what if you were to examine an ea or a fc ,and you left the other parts out, would you think that would be allowed or not? if not why?
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    Prop 5

    well written brother.
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    Prop 5

    i feel like this was a step backwards for us.( my opinion). we lost the vote. but not the ability to try to change it back. i felt like this was more of a you cannot tell us what to do in our subordinate lodge . and a in your face kind of thing. i mean if you think the grand east is big brother...