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  1. Zaden

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman program does a great deal of "mentoring". As does just reading A Bridge to Light (which you receive when you go through the degrees).
  2. Zaden

    EA Degree at Oak Forest Lodge no. 1398 (Houston)

    Tonight at 7pm we will be initiating a new brother! If anyone can make it come on out!
  3. Zaden

    Parkour or MovNat?

    BJJ is certainly a good discipline, lots of groundwork and joint holds etc., but if you are wanting to get into parkour specifically, really the only way to do it is to start training :) Your instructor in BJJ should be able to assess your current physical condition and advise you on a training...
  4. Zaden

    Degree timelines

    The Scottish Rite (SJ) Ritual Monitor and Guide includes a pretty nice analysis of the traceable history of freemasonry and development of the different degrees. It includes some of the Old Charges (you can see an example here: that describe some of the...
  5. Zaden

    Nine pointed star

    It does come up in the AASR at least a time or two, but nine pointed stars pop up in a number of places (with or without the interlinked triangles), the Baha'i faith, the Kabbalah/Qabala, Witchcraft, etc.
  6. Zaden

    Master Craftsman

    If you do it before going through the degrees you will need to purchase a copy of Bridge to Light. It is given to you after your degrees, but the MCP only includes the SR Ritual Monitor and Guide. I'm almost through the study part for the 3rd quiz of MCP 1 and I did my degrees in May.
  7. Zaden

    Ham radio?

    I've never done anything more than read about it, but this group meets in our lodge and at least one of our brothers is part of it:
  8. Zaden

    Can you recite your obligation right now?

    Yes. Also working on a C Certificate along with the rest of the line in our lodge.
  9. Zaden

    Master Craftsman Program grading

    I ordered the program after going through the degrees this past May. Sent in the first quiz a week or two ago. The depth of history covered has been quite interesting and I'm looking forward to digging further into the degrees.
  10. Zaden

    Parkour or MovNat?

    Lots of people in both communities (parkour and MovNat) have martial arts backgrounds. Interestingly, our students who study martial arts of various types have told us they've seen great improvement in their martial practice after training parkour (same goes for our students who do other...
  11. Zaden

    Valley of Houston Stated Meeting and Feast of Consistory

    Thanks everyone. There was a variety of shirts, but most everyone had at least a suit jacket (there may have been a few simply in sport coats) on (perhaps because last night was the Feast of Consistory).
  12. Zaden

    Valley of Houston Stated Meeting and Feast of Consistory

    Yeah, after seeing just how many lodges do go for formal wear it makes me that much more grateful that my mother lodge is a nice casual to business-casual Texas one. I've never wanted to work anywhere that would require a suit either. If I had to wear one (let alone blow money on a penguin...
  13. Zaden

    Valley of Houston Stated Meeting and Feast of Consistory

    LOL. The worst part of it is actually that it seems whenever I bought said suit, I simply didn't care about the fit. The pants are the most egregious in that they are far too long. I know I'm not shorter now than I was then, so I must have not cared that I was going to be walking on them when I...
  14. Zaden

    Valley of Houston Stated Meeting and Feast of Consistory

    Thanks. That is kind of what I was guessing, though I'm glad to hear that you tend to go without the tie (I hate wearing ties, to a greater degree than I dislike wearing suits). Guess it is time to invest in a new suit :) I pulled the only one I have out of the closet for the Reunion (they...
  15. Zaden

    Valley of Houston Stated Meeting and Feast of Consistory

    Brethren, This week will be the first Stated Meeting since I was made a Scottish Rite Mason and at the reunion "dress code" wasn't mentioned. There was a wide range of dress at the reunion itself. My Blue Lodge is (happily) one with a somewhat relaxed dress tradition, so I'm used to attending...
  16. Zaden

    What would you recommend as a first reference book

    Re: What would you recommend as a first reference Here in TX Stated Meetings can be held in EA or FC. The only ones I missed since being initiated were the few that had to be opened in MM, for example, when a GL officer was making an official visit. As for a reference book, both Freemasonry...
  17. Zaden

    Fee's for Degrees?

    Yes, it is on the level. The fees, as I understand it, go toward a few things. These include, eventually, your apron. We (I was initiated, passed and raised with jmflores) were also given a certificate at our raising showing that a portion of our degree fees were donated to the Masonic Home and...
  18. Zaden

    Degrees in the SR

    My father-in-law did his SR in CA, and it was all in one day. From what I've seen (I'm interested in SR after I cement my Master's work) some Valleys do one day, some over a weekend and some space it over a longer period (ex. last year the Houston Valley's reunion schedule was:January 24 (4°...
  19. Zaden

    Which one was the most diffcult?

    Is "ralitish" a mnemonic? I've been running through mentally and don't see where that would fit? San Antonio Hat Co, and our buddies Sam and Henry I know, but not "ralitish".
  20. Zaden

    on display in the Lodgeroom

    Thanks. It does sound interesting. This is likely something I will try to get after I am raised.