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  1. Joshua71


    I accept any connection requests from Brothers on LinkedIn.
  2. Joshua71

    The Name Game

    Sam Houston
  3. Joshua71

    The freemason movie

    I thought that was the Friendly Giant that said that?? Lol
  4. Joshua71


    Welcome! Sit back and enjoy the ride, you're in for a treat of an experience and the journey is well worth it for those that want it to be. Know that everyone in the room with you has done what you are about to and are excited for you as well!
  5. Joshua71

    Happy New Year !!

    Just wanted to wish all Brethren a Very Happy New Year, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and the holidays with your loved ones!
  6. Joshua71

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    Wear my ring daily, have a few different lapel pins that I wear whenever I'm in lodge. If you look very carefully in the tail lights of my personal vehicle you will see a very subtle S&C but you would have to be close to see it lol. There are some nice lapel and lodge pins that make excellent...
  7. Joshua71

    Raised tonight!

    Congrats and welcome brother, the journey just begins from here, enjoy!!
  8. Joshua71

    Hello everyone

  9. Joshua71


    Agreed! Any who are a true and lawful brother or brethren I will automatically accept as well.
  10. Joshua71

    When do you wear your Master Masons Ring?

    Thanks brother!
  11. Joshua71

    When do you wear your Master Masons Ring?

    Thanks Morris!
  12. Joshua71

    Pictures of rings

    Gift from my wife after being raised, simple gold S&C style that I really like .
  13. Joshua71

    When do you wear your Master Masons Ring?

    Mine is just a nice simple one and I'm comfortable wearing it for everyday or out to a function etc. It was a nice gift from my wife after being raised .
  14. Joshua71

    How long have you been a Master Mason?

    Since September 15th, 2014
  15. Joshua71

    New Harley for me??

    I'm sorry to hear that it's not recognized and about the edict. I'm surprised that Texas GL would have issue with the WS. I always loved spending time in Texas, great people, great weather haha. Thanks for the comments brother
  16. Joshua71

    The Third Degree

    Hello Brethren! Last night I was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and I had an amazing evening with a great group of individuals. Thanks to the degree team for making it a smoothly run and unforgettable experience! I think that this was my favorite degree so far and am very happy to...
  17. Joshua71

    New Harley for me??

    Here it is, it has been a lot of fun and have been out riding with a couple brothers from our lodge. Great way to spend a nice day. Also looking to join the local chapter of the Widows Sons for some more fun and good guys to ride with. Hope this finds you all well and happy :) Happy to meet...
  18. Joshua71

    New Harley for me??

    That's a nice bike too!
  19. Joshua71

    New Harley for me??

    Appreciate the feedback, this should be a good bike for me then as I'm fairly new to riding. Signing the papers today, after they add a few things it will be ready to go. Looking forward to some road time! After they finish getting it ready for me, I'll upload a couple pics.
  20. Joshua71

    New Harley for me??

    Ok brethren, I'm looking at buying a new 2014 Harley Wide Glide which will be my first Harley. Any thoughts, criticisms, praises or commentary on this particular model? I haven't test drove it yet, but looks like it would be fun ride and comfortable on the highway! Looking forward to hearing...