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    Amateur Radio

    Rescue51, An earlier post in this thread by Ol' Kev has some good links about getting started in amateur radio. Mitch
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    Amateur Radio

    Ooops! Brothers, that call is KE5CDJ
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    Amateur Radio

    KECDJ, Amateur Extra Class also Commercial GROL with Ship Radar Endorsement, PG00028247 Not very active, mainly use VHF repeaters in DFW area S&F Mitch
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the fraternity brother. I wish you great success in your travels for more light.
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    Joined Chapter in Grand Fashion

    Congratulations Companion!
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    Visiting a Lodge in SC

    Hello Brethren, Being a new Master Mason, I have not had the opportunity to visit lodges in other states yet. I am planning to make my first visit to a lodge in Clemson, South Carolina soon as I will happen to be there on the same day they hold their stated meeting. I would like to...
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    Hello Brethren

    Re: Hello Brethren thanks for the warm welcome Thank you Brethren for the warm welcome. I am really enjoying participating in my Lodge activities and I will be serving as Master of Ceremonies for an upcoming EA initiation. The floor practices are very fun and rewarding and I continue to...
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    Hello Brethren

    Hello Brethren, I am a new MM, raised on 20 Nov 2010, Hillcrest 1318 in Dallas. I just passed my MM proficiency last Thursday. Thank you for all the great information in the Forum and thanks to the Moderator(s) for keeping up such a great and informative site. I have learned much and...