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  1. Wingnut

    Job's Daughters coming back to Texas

    Has anyone from Jobs approached GLoTX about recognition? I doubt GL will do anything if not approached.
  2. Wingnut

    MasterCraftsman II

    Congrats! Thats a great accomplishment! Ive fallen way behind on my MC2 but have started back on it and about to turn in the second lesson. The essays do make you think! I think MC2 is much harder than 1...
  3. Wingnut

    Bridging The Gap

    EVER? yes... in the near future, I doubt it
  4. Wingnut

    One black ball?

    To me this is the biggest problem...
  5. Wingnut

    Shriners, Scottish Rite or York Rite

    If you can only do one, Blue Lodge. Without it there are no others. If you dont count blue lodge and mean one OTHER... Scottish Rite. The University of Masonry. Want more light? Join Scottish Rite... Lite beer? Shrine
  6. Wingnut

    Masonic Family Day Today

    Had to work, missed the Sooner Smackdown too :7:
  7. Wingnut

    I want to be a better Mason

    Being a 'good mason' doesn't mean you walk in the door every month to pay bills. By learning the lessons that Masonry teaches and exemplifying them in your daily life you are being a good Mason.
  8. Wingnut

    I want to be a better Mason

    Just playing devils advocate, but: What is it you think you need to do to become a better mason? Or why do you think your not a good mason? When you can answer those your almost there...
  9. Wingnut

    Shocking Dues Stats

    Masonry the way it SHOULD be is way to cheap... some would argue its too damn high to read minutes, discuss bills eat some bologna and go home till next month when we wash rinse and repeat
  10. Wingnut

    TEXAS MASONS license plates are now available

    and GL told us not 2 years ago that it wasnt worth the money... just sayin
  11. Wingnut

    How to..

    go to the shrine fork over the $$$
  12. Wingnut

    Masonic License Plates

    should be in soon <<<
  13. Wingnut

    Here I Stand...

    thanks all!
  14. Wingnut

    Texas Masonic Family Day is Just Around the Corner!

    If the Lord is willing and AT&T gives me the day off Ill be there again with my Grandkids.
  15. Wingnut

    Here I Stand...

    well maybe not as just or as upright but here I stand. Good to see everyone again!
  16. Wingnut

    Instruction question - gift?

    No, in fact none of the lodges Ive been a member of have.
  17. Wingnut

    Are you a turtle?

    LOL many moons ago I got initiated as a turtle...
  18. Wingnut

    2007 Compact between the MWGLofTX and the MWPHGLofTX

    Who did you ask? It may be they didnt have a soft copy...
  19. Wingnut

    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    To level set: * nobody has EVER suggested using the code book as a replacement for mouth to ear. Despite the strawman arguements that try to say thats whats wrong with the code books. * if we are all on the level, treat each other on the square, trust each other and are brothers... why do...
  20. Wingnut

    Instruction question - gift?

    I gave mine a framed print of an old lithograph of bringing to light. He gave me a monitor when I was raised. Ive done the same for every Brother Ive been the instructor for.