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  1. Benjamin Baxter

    Freedom Chapter, NRH 76180

    Was it difficult to get setup? Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry
  2. Benjamin Baxter


    I would go celebrate it. I get calibration at work! More often than needed sometimes... Lol
  3. Benjamin Baxter

    Lots of new master masons

    I have been to three masters degrees in the last 7 days. That is the best I've done to date..
  4. Benjamin Baxter

    Scottish Rite Endowment

    That's kinda pricey to get started. I'll bet they are having a harder time attracting new members. That doesn't mean I won't join someday, just probably not by the next reunion. How many people do you have to sign up for your own endowment? I assume you get something for the more people you...
  5. Benjamin Baxter

    Scottish Rite Endowment

    How much is it to join the Scottish rite in Dallas or Waco?
  6. Benjamin Baxter

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    A little over 3 hrs. I don't think I could have went much longer in one sitting......... Lol I was getting tender...
  7. Benjamin Baxter

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    Here it is....
  8. Benjamin Baxter

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    Here it is... See if you can open that?
  9. Benjamin Baxter

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    Well, I will be going down to Austin to start my masonic themed half sleeve on Thursday. Brother Zulu has already begun drawing and I'm excited to get a masterpiece from a artist that is a mason.....
  10. Benjamin Baxter

    Christmas lodge activities?

    OK, so I was wondering if you or your lodge does any Christmas activities. Do you have programs like Christmas baskets for Widows, or orphans, or the needy? Does you lodge help provide a meal or gifts to a select few less fortunate? My lodge Is doing more than we have ever done in the past...
  11. Benjamin Baxter

    2014 Grand communication meeting

    OK sounds like we will officially try again next year.....I hope everybody gets to feeling better and everything else goes better.....
  12. Benjamin Baxter

    What would you do?

    If your officers do not show up on a regular basis to your meetings and functions, would you move them through the line just because they are in line? I like the thought of the line to progress through, because it gives you a little more at a time for experience purposes. But I have other...
  13. Benjamin Baxter

    2014 Grand communication meeting

    Bro Bill_lins, You set the time and place and I'll do my best to be there this time...
  14. Benjamin Baxter

    2014 Grand communication meeting

    Who's going to grand communication and would like to meet up for adult beverages at crickets or some other hangout. The icepocolipse kept me from meeting a few that met last year.... I hope that doesn't happen this year....
  15. Benjamin Baxter

    New Year's Masters Degree

    There will be a master masons degree at Cleburne lodge #315 on new years day 2015 at 600am. If you would like to attend please show up for an awesome breakfast and we'll executed degree. The team is practicing every week in December so it should be good. See you there!
  16. Benjamin Baxter

    Ea Degree

    There will be a entered apprentice at Granbury lodge #392 on Monday at 630pm. If you would like to attend please show up for an awesome meal and we'll executed degree. See you there!
  17. Benjamin Baxter

    Fundraising/charity/good deeds

    Well I didn't get discouraged by the last meeting. I have been reading the book how to win friends and influence people, that my brother from Grandview so kindly recommended. I took the three things that I want to get the lodge involved with and made a list when I got disappointed. I then added...
  18. Benjamin Baxter

    Ham radio?

    My call sign is W0bax. I'm hardly on anything but 2 meter. I hope to set up a good station in the future....
  19. Benjamin Baxter

    Fundraising/charity/good deeds

    This was a good suggestion! The book is awesome. Thanks brother. I also attended the next meeting with twice as much to bring to the table to help our little lodge, guess what, the last meeting stuff passed... I think due to wanting to go as early as possible or picking the easier one to do...
  20. Benjamin Baxter

    Dual/plural memberships. Should Masons be able to join multiple lodges?

    I have 4 different lodge dues cards in my wallet. I feel it's one of the better ways I can help out my surrounding communities!