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  1. memphisrite

    Masonic Lodge in Punta Cana, DR

    Thanks a lot my brother.
  2. memphisrite

    Masonic Lodge in Punta Cana, DR

    Greetings Brethren: A new Blue Lodge was created in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Under the Grand Lodge of the Dominican Republic. Despite most of the Symbolic Lodges work on the AASR in this juridicion, We work in the American Blue Lodge ritual using Duncan's Monitor. This situation...
  3. memphisrite

    Incense in the lodge

    Myyrh might be actually better for the third degree... acordding to what i've read, Incense is used to "bring harmony to some place"... We stared using it in our lodge in order to make the Inductions and communications more comfortable... and I must said that it seems to work perfectly for us.
  4. memphisrite

    Albert Pike: More harm than good?

    As far as Im informed, Baphomet was created by Eliphas Levi (, a french occultist... Im my Opinion Pike was a great military man... but some masons take his dogmas as the absolute truth.
  5. memphisrite

    Greetings from Dominican Republic

    (A L:.G:.D:.G:.A:.D:.U:.) Salud - Fraternidad - Sabiduria (Health - Fraternity - Wisdom) Dear Brothers: My name is Henry A. Hernandez, ATC, at the moment Worshipful Master of the Resp:. Lodge Caballeros de Memphis #50, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, under the auspices of the Most...
  6. memphisrite

    Cowan & Eavesdropper ALERT!!!!!

    Dear Bro. Wilson; I Understand very clearly what you're saying, but we had a couple issues with fake or irregulars arriving to Dominican Republic with fake (very convincing) Traveling Papers and masonic Passports, People that where spelled from their Lodges most of the times.
  7. memphisrite

    Memphis-Misraim Rite

    Dear Brother: Memphis Rite, Misraim Rite and "Memphis-Misraim Rite" are three different rites, not to be confused. As right now, Ancient and Primitive Memphis Rite Is regular in the Dominican Republic under the recognition of Grand Lodge of the Dominican Republic (Gran Logia de la Republica...
  8. memphisrite

    Cowan & Eavesdropper ALERT!!!!!

    Dear Brothers: In Dominican Republic, we follow a simple extra process in order to be sure of someones regularity: If any mason form another whises to visit a masonic Lodge, he must visit Grand Secretary's Office 48 hours before, so the Grand Lodge may contact he's Grand Lodge, verify the...
  9. memphisrite

    Air traffic controllers

    Hello Brother... Im an ATC From Dominican Republic... ICAO certified, looking for a job position.