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  1. jaanthony

    Looking forward to more degrees

    You have chosen a great path, enjoy the work get involved by attending stated meetings and accept any officer position you may be chosen for. Fraternally yours, E:. Joseph A Avalos, Grand Prelate Grand Commandery KT of Texas. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  2. jaanthony

    Finally taking Commandery Orders

    Congratulations! Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  3. jaanthony

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    Thank you for the comment, I wish my Father would have been alive I know I would have loved to see him a Master Mason. I was blessed to have several mentors whom have now passed and their famalies have given me a majority of their jewelry and pins. Which I use only after membership in the...
  4. jaanthony

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    I didn't get a ring to ware until a year and a half after I was raised. My mother custom ordered my ring as as birthday surprise for me. It has all the bodies of masonry that I was a member of in 1987. KT, Scottish 32º Shrine, and Eastern Star. With a 1 carrot CZ mounting. 25 years later she...
  5. jaanthony

    do you carry "masonic" business cards?

    I also use cards as Secretary of 2 bodies is usually send them when I correspond with brethren and other lodges and bodies. I have passed them to visiting brothers and those interested in the craft. Freemason Connect HD
  6. jaanthony

    Craig Brown newly raised Master Mason

    Please let me know when they receive the FCº I am a member of the 38th District Degree team mostly made up of former DDGM's and always enjoy º work. Freemason Connect HD
  7. jaanthony

    Craig Brown newly raised Master Mason

    Kenedy 774 Freemason Connect HD
  8. jaanthony

    Craig Brown newly raised Master Mason

    Welcome from S. Texas Freemason Connect HD
  9. jaanthony

    Fraternal greetings from Cornwall UK

    Welcome, my dream is to travel to Europe and visit as many lodges as possible. I am both Royal Order of Scotland and American Red Branch "Esquire". Freemason Connect HD
  10. jaanthony

    Greetings from Northern Ireland

    Welcome! Freemason Connect HD
  11. jaanthony

    Belonging to other groups

    The majority are invitational bodies and you normally do not turn down an invitation to those bodies. Freemason Connect HD
  12. jaanthony

    Belonging to other groups

    I like your wording! Looking at all my dues cards I need side rails for my plate. I needed something to make me smile today! Freemason Connect HD
  13. jaanthony

    York Rite College

    Congratulations Sir, you will enjoy it especially the lecture. As Governor of my College it is always good to see new members being initiated. Freemason Connect HD
  14. jaanthony

    Solicitation of funds from Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM

    Rumor has it that TGLoT is going to ask the Lodges of Texas to donate $2,000.00 to help with the building fund. Freemason Connect Mobile
  15. jaanthony

    Lambskin Apron

    Customarily only white for funerals. Freemason Connect Mobile
  16. jaanthony

    Line Progression Good Thing / Bad Thing?

    I like this discussion and I'm glad you brought it up. Going to be TIM in another Council this year. I am serving as DDGHP and DDGM R&SM this year and have official visits in August. See you in the quarries. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using Freemasonry mobile app
  17. jaanthony

    Line Progression Good Thing / Bad Thing?

    Being a three time PM and Secretary I can say that if you chose the correct people to serve in leadership roles there should be no problems. I have seen a SR Warden not advanced for proficiency issues. I have also turned down the East due to conflicts with appointed positions and elected...
  18. jaanthony

    Shrine Eliminates MM Requirement on Arkansas

    I don't think it will come to that in Texas, but it may. I've been a Shriner since 1987 and have been very active and not active at all over the years. It will be a hard decision to make if non Masons are allowed to join in Texas because this was where I was going to focus my attention after...
  19. jaanthony

    New to the craft and the forum

    Being new to the forum you will enjoy it. Good luck on your Masonic journey, when I first started my journey I never dreamed I would have come so far and enjoyed so many friendship. Freemason Connect Mobile
  20. jaanthony

    Doing business with Masons

    Yes Freemason Connect Mobile