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    just raised

    I feel ya! Im a recently raised brother, as well. Congrats!
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    concealed carry

    Good idea!
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    Assistance if you please

    This is a beautiful thread. I agree with the comments re: including your wife. Also, get with other Brethren-family men to plan family programs at the Lodge.
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    Brother Richard Dreyfuss

    Mmmm... I'm a recently raised California Mason and my Lodge is in W. Los Angeles (#520). I'd be pretty lit if they started herding celebs through "at site." It took me a year to reach the sublime. I feel a deep connection to all Brethren around the world. I feel that way because I truely love...
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    New here!

    I'm a recently raised brother (Lodge 520 in Los Angeles). I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did.
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    women in wyoming as masons?

    Perhaps the info is confused with Eastern Star?