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    any special way a Mason deals with a death?

    My wife and I were discussing death the other day and she asked me "aren't you afraid of dying?" I told her "no,I've already died once,it's not so bad." I am not making light of your situation,my Brother, but death is part of life.It is part of the process. In my life I have had to make the...
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    Late Dues Payment

    Sounds like your DDGM needs to have a chat with you Secretary.Maybe he needs to retire.
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    Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wants

    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa I just know that if my wife told me "Masonry or me" I would go with Masonry. You have to make a decision.
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    Masonic Rings These are not inexpensive but they are very very nice!
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    Membership looking up!

    Just remember, investigate these candidates well,coach them well,and mentor them well or they will not complete their Masonic journey. You want quality more than quantity above all else!
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    Church Objection?

    We had an EA whose family told him that Freemasons slayed children on our alters during our Degrees. I told him that I had been a Mason over 30 years and never seen that.
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    Certificate of Good Standing

    In Calif,in the above case,you are a member of the Grand Master Lodge.
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    Homosexual and Bisexual Brother Masons

    If this was the case then why vote at all.
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    Line Progression Good Thing / Bad Thing?

    It is sad but true,a lot of times a "warm body" is put in the line cause no one else steps up.The Brother is flattered and does his best but doesn't really know what he is in for.He finally sees the writing on the wall,bails out,then the "process" starts again.
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    Background Check upon Membership

    This man may have turned his life around but he is still a felon and as such should NOT be made a Mason. PERIOD!
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    Homosexual and Bisexual Brother Masons

    Re: Gay and Bi Brother Masons I was the Chaplin at the funeral of a "gay" member of our Lodge.I did not know he was gay until the ffuneral and it made no difference.
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    FC degree tonight

    If you can it is good to go see the FC degree in another lodge.That way you can understand the proficiency better.
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    why jehova witness hate us so much?????

    I am in an unique position.I have been a Mason over 30 years and my wife is Going to a JW Temple.Her "religion" is her business and my Masonry is mine.She will NOT convert me,no way,no how.
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    Should EA and FC pay dues?

    Just a update on collecting dues on EA and FC. Of the 45 on our books 2have paid.We will wait the required amount of time and suspend them.Some have moved out of state,some have lost interest,some are probably dead.Grand Lodge will get their per-capita tax and that will put an end to it. We...
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    Raised tonight

    Happy Masonic Birthday Brother!
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    Just Curious

    This is the way to do this!
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    Just Curious

    I could not agree more.We have a Member that as soon as a member is raised he is on them to join SR.That,IMHO,is not the way to go.
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    Masonry is a Progressive Moral Science taught by Degrees. Take your time and learn it well.
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    Symbols in Attire

    I could not have said it better myself!
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    Golden Trowel

    In California,we have a similar award called the Hiram Award.Who gets it however is controlled by the Lodge,GL has no say so.In my Lodge we tend to award it to a Brother rather than a PM.It is the highest honor a Lodge can bestow on a Brother.