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  1. J

    Hidden Camera inside a Freemason Lodge

    What lodge is this my brothers? My Freemasonry HD Pro
  2. J

    Can a woman become a Freemason?

    What about joining the eastern star?
  3. J

    Your Prediction: Freemasonry in 5-10 Years

    An Idea I have been in search of becoming a member for about 6 months. I visited a lodge in Dallas and the whole group seemed excited to see a person like me visit, do to my back ground ( Hispanic ) I do not have any sponsor that would help me in the quest. I'm a 38 year old male looking to...
  4. J

    The Name Game

    ask one to be one. Good morning, I have really trying to build my knowledge to join the lodge of a brotherhood. I have filled out a petition for the degree. I am in need of help, I live in the DFW area. Could I be helped?