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    moving to retire and advice please...

    Good day. We are retiring this summer and moving to another province. We are in our mid and early 50's. And moving to a similar sized house. Our big challenge is to de clutter/unload stuff. Our parents taught us to save everything. Hence the clutter. Being frugal got us into an early...
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    Help Fund a Brother's Professional Journey

    What does a Premium Membership offer? Sorry not meaning to sound cheap but... The wife is telling me I should be retiring for work sooner rather than later. If so I will need to reel in my spending habits.
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    Books for a newly Raised MM?

    Found here. Hope this works...,%20William%20Leslie%20~%20The%20Ceremony%20of%20Initiation%20%5Bpdf%5D.pdf
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    any special way a Mason deals with a death?

    Thanks for the comments. I was not sure if it might be ok to share and discuss an event such as this. Great images David. The one with the old man in the boat just does it for me...
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    any special way a Mason deals with a death?

    Brothers is there any special way a Mason deals with a death? I have just learned my Mother is terminal. Age 86. She is really at piece with it all. Calls it a journey. I am a strong person. And I lost my Dad 4 years ago. So in a sense feel ready. Dad was a Mason. This was before I became...
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    Hi from Canada...

    Fort Mcmurray Ab. Thanks for asking...
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    Hi from Canada...

    Hi from Canada... I was a FC last year. And hope to be raised to a MM this spring. There is so much I want to learn... Feel free to PM me anytime...
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    Traditional observance This list includes 3 lodges in 3 provinces in Canada. I learned today that there is a 4th in Canada. Started in 2013. And in my home province of Alberta. Too bad a full day drive away... Dan
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    How u understand freemasonry teachings

    Well put Brother... Dan
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    Traditional observance

    I met Cliff Porter as a Masonic Conference last spring. Great speaker, he left a large impression on all who were there. I was one of many who bought his 1st book. Well written. His new book (see link below)...
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    questions brothers ask and answer in public?

    My Dad was a Mason. He passed on a couple of years ago. As a kid I was quite curious about the Lodge. He did not tell me much. I asked him once why he wore the ring and his friend Tom did not. I recall him telling me there was a way to recognize a Mason from across the room. Perhaps I will...
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    questions brothers ask and answer in public?

    I live in Alberta Canada. I am currently a FC. No one has told me anything about sayings like "hey hiram" we could use to recognise Brothers. Is this training reserved for MM's? Or localized only?
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    Recommended books about freemasonry

    A well accredited and well written book is Freemasons For Dummies... Written by a Mason too.
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    A Masonic group within LinkedIn. The Cyberlodge is mentioned by Bill above...
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    I am currently fellow craft. Can I join? thanks... Dan