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  1. Todd M. Stewart

    Has the time come to reach out and ask for new members?

    This question takes me back to a more fundamental question that I think Freemasonry has been avoiding for too long. I spoke to it in reference to MWB Dwight L. Smith's essay's "Whither are we Traveling" and "Why This Confusion at the Temple" and "Laudable Pursuit: A 21st Century Response to...
  2. Todd M. Stewart

    Any Firefighter Brothers?

    Engine 1 by Todd M. Stewart posted Oct 17, 2020 at 5:33 PMJoined King County FD 39 - Federal Way, WA at 18 in 1982. Became a career FF several years later. Sadly, A fall through a staircase during a house fire ended my career far too early. Now I advocate for 1st Responders that suffer from...
  3. Todd M. Stewart

    Grand Lodge directive to violate Masonic Law

    I know something of the Emulation Lodge, but not familiar with the differences in ritual. I do know I've had to do a lot of re-learning just moving from the Nebraska Jurisdiction to Iowa. I am only now just scratching the surface of the period following the unification of the Ancients and...
  4. Todd M. Stewart

    Grand Lodge directive to violate Masonic Law

    Thank you brother. I agree completely we do need to be very conscientious of protecting our older brethren. I believe our lodge does a very good job of that. That said, protection should not come at the cost of a core Masonic Law. We protect each other by finding some way to do it safely and...
  5. Todd M. Stewart

    Grand Lodge directive to violate Masonic Law

    I am a sad and disappointed Mason this morning. Last evening, a friend of mine was Raised and I was forced to leave the meeting in order not to violate my solemn Obligation. The Iowa Grand Lodge recently announced that Lodges would once again be able to conduct degrees following a 'modified'...