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  1. Matt L

    Knights Templar Membership Committee Members

    Sir Knights, I am the state chair for the KT membership committee. I'd like to start a off line group to help, and assist each other with idea's and processes that work to bring our inactive SK's back into the fold and ways to grow membership. If interested please PM me, In his Service, Matt
  2. Matt L

    Order of the Temple

    My favorite order, and part of Masonry.
  3. Matt L

    Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania CARE award

    Congratulations Companion!!
  4. Matt L

    UGLE welcomes back GOI

    Well said Brother Bloke!
  5. Matt L

    Installed as Sovereign Master on My AMD Council Saturday

    Congratulations Brother Keith. I love the AMD.
  6. Matt L

    Master Mason Pocket Certificate

    My U.G.L.E. certificate hangs on my wall. If I need proof, the secretary emails me a clearance certificate, which shows I'm in good standing.
  7. Matt L

    Commission on Information for Recognition

    WBro. Glen, thanks for the link and your dedication to the craft.
  8. Matt L

    New member in Finland

    Congratulations, you will enjoy this journey.
  9. Matt L

    Questions to all Lodges and members.

    I have found over the years that some lodges do a disservice to their members, by not explaining the duties of the Officers, and what is expected. I was lucky enough to be raised in a lodge that made sure those that accepted a chair, knew their duties and expectations. Incoming WM's need to...
  10. Matt L

    1911 fan in Southern Illinois

    Hey Brother N.W. Tennessee here. 1911 guy. Carried 1911 in the service, and Colt Combat Elite for 22 years on the job. I presently carry a M&P, my agency went to standardized firearm across the board. I sent my Colt out to one of the premier 1911 smith's to go through it. The cost was almost...
  11. Matt L

    Tennessee Masonic Lodge Destroyed: Local Firefighter Charged With Six Arson Fires

    Cotton Valley was a great lodge to visit, it's a shame when someone who has been placed in public trust defiles that trust.
  12. Matt L

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Congratulations Brother Sam. Keep us posted on your progress. You've landed in a great forum. Great Men and Masons here from all over the world.
  13. Matt L

    Visiting a PHA Lodge

    Check with your Grand Secretary to see if your states reignition of PHA includes visitation.
  14. Matt L

    Brotherly Advice

    Brother Dickey, you have a lot of irons in the fire. I hope this New Year greets you with good health, renewed spirit, and an uplifted heart. Turn to the book that you took your oath on, to rule and guide you. If you ever need to talk, please PM me. I wish you all the best, Matt
  15. Matt L

    Seasons greetings

    Happy New Year.
  16. Matt L

    Brotherly Advice

    Brother Glen hit the nail on the head. JW's are normally elected and you're asked if you accept the office. If you accept, it comes with great responsibility. Part of that responsibility is staying in touch with the West and the East, and being available to the Brethren when they are at...
  17. Matt L

    Higher ranking

    WBro. Glen, years ago I received the OOT during my Commanderies inspection. Many Brothers, that you know from my state were there and participated. I was absolutely blown away by the work. When I got home, my wife asked "how'd it go", I replied, "you can call me Sir Knight Matthew". To which...
  18. Matt L

    Last meeting in the East tonight

    Congratulations Brother Keith. It's not the end, but a new beginning.
  19. Matt L

    Problem. DDGM Lied

    I have 34 years on the job, and a prior service Marine. I've run into fake Police Officers and others that claimed military service among the craft. I get the pride thing. Brother Glen has given you sound advice. Be the better man.
  20. Matt L

    New Member from SC

    Welcome to the Forum Brother.