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    Rosicrucian Fellowship

    Thank you all for the insight. I honestly did not know anything about the Rosicrucians or any connection to Masonry, but this has given me much to ponder and (more importantly) learn. It truly is a fascinating subject. The traveling continues....
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    Rosicrucian Fellowship

    My apologies Bro. Porter but I am unfamiliar with SRICF or how it may be different from the Rosicrucian Fellowship or what is CIRCES. I would like to learn. Any information you could provide would be great (links, papers, etc.). I just kind of stumbled across this book and started reading it...
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    Rosicrucian Fellowship

    I am currently reading Freemasonry and Catholicism. (see I like to read the old books on Freemasonry, but this one threw me for a loop. Very interesting information in here. I thought is was rubish, e.g. philosopher's...