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  1. JBD

    Master's Hat

    Lots of hats are possibilities, in Texas GL law details the minimum qualifications. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Freemasonry mobile app
  2. JBD

    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    My Brother, your post is offensive. I have my experiences and you have yours. Although I am not compelled to tell you where all I have traveled, lets just say you are not the only one who has been in other jurisdictions. My comment was that we have evidence of ANYTHING written has affected...
  3. JBD

    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    No what they are referring to is a"code" book of the esoteric work not the laws. The laws are readily available from the Grand Lodge. The code book is entirely different. The possession of a code book was removed as an offense years ago. It is, and rightfully so, still prohibited on Lodge...
  4. JBD

    Master Elect

    Congratulations! Enjoy your year, it will be over before you know it. Freemason Connect Mobile
  5. JBD

    "Super Excellent Degree"

    I have also posted a link to it on the website for Texas Chapter and Council (the one at the Temple) In case you are traveling to Ft Worth for this, there is a Holiday Inn Express directly across the street from the Ft Worth Masonic...
  6. JBD

    New companion...

    Congratulations Companion! Enjoy the Commandery!
  7. JBD

    Finding History of a specific Sir Knight

    First, don't worry about protocols, you would not be violating any. Have you checked the Grand Commandery website? The GC has done a huge upgrade over the past year and the information may be there. Look at the particular Commandery you know he was in. The fact that the sword has his name on...
  8. JBD

    Exemplification of English Fellow Craft Degree - Panther City 1183

    The presentation of the English degree is only open to Fellow Craft and Master Masons. EA's are not allowed. True, the candidate (if there was a real one) would technically be an EA at the beginning, but EAs are not allowed as they have no knowledge of the content of the FC degree...
  9. JBD

    English Fellow Craft Degree - Panther City Lodge #1183 - Fort Worth March 21st

    Brethren I apologize in advance for the last minute posting. Panther City Lodge #1183 will host America Lodge #3368 from London England on Weds March 21st at the Masonic Temple in Fort Worth. America lodge will perform an exemplification of the English Fellow Craft degree. THIS IS NOT...
  10. JBD

    concealed carry

    ROFL - so that's what that means - whew I have been wondering - no one could esplain it to me -
  11. JBD

    concealed carry

    Hmmmm so that's what all those funny little boxes are for!!! I thought it was Hampster storage for all the snakes or they were storage for the goat stirrups.
  12. JBD

    What office for 2001-12?

    Shame on you, Roomie !!! ROFL - Our stated meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each Month. Come to our July meeting. I have a spot all picked out for you already!
  13. JBD

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    From reading these responses I think we can identify some common denominator across the reasons. We do, as a group, a poor job of communicating what the Commandery is all about. It is not divisive, it is not just drilling, it is not just dressing up, it is not about any of that, yet it is...
  14. JBD

    Seeking information and guidance in Fairfield TX

    Good luck on your journey - you will not regret this decision. We all make life changing decisions - our decisions toward God -our decision on a mate - the decision to become a Mason - one of the easiest decisions and one when combined with the other two are all three mulitiplier of the others.
  15. JBD

    What office for 2001-12?

    Yeah but the deal is with that Lodge there is more depth of talent, experience and resourses. I have about a total of 37 people who are taking leadership roles either as officers, committe chairs or committee members. That is a HUGE difference. We are going to do many things this year and...
  16. JBD

    Contemplations of an Outgoing Worshipful Master

    Rhit, you have had a tough year. You have risen to the occasion and set an example of the truth in the old saying "It isn't how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get up". The Lodge should be proud of what you were able to do and 148 was fortunate to have you as the glue...
  17. JBD

    What office for 2001-12?

    Blake - congratulations! Enjoy your year it goes by really fast! In Cooke-Peavy #1162 I have succeeded in being elected JrPM - don't know what role I might be appointed to yet In Panther City #1183, if tradition holds - WM This year I have been WM, SW, High Priest in my Chapter, TIM in my...
  18. JBD

    How would you handle it?

    You did EXACTLY the right thing!
  19. JBD

    Life Membership for outgoing Masters

    Well let me chime in here. At the beginning of this month I was "elected" Jr PM of my Lodge. The members of my Lodge decided to honor me with an endowed membership. I was already an endowed member. I still pay my Grand Lodge Per Capita and the Temple "rent" (special situation on how that...
  20. JBD

    Assistance if you please

    Grand Lodge of Texas has many posts on their website that are educational. You need to do what you need to do and not feel guilty about it. You are our brother if you come to lodge 7 days a week 7 times a year or every 7 years. The difference is in how much you grow in Masonic knowledge...