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    My Journey

    I became an apprentice Feb of 23. My BIL has been a 33rd for decades. He has hinted off and on. Finally he said-Al, "I will never say this again-you need to become a Mason" I did and it changed my life. I am Librarian, Guide, and have been Junior Deacon and Tyler. Next month I will be...
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    HELP WANTED: Lodge Furniture and Vintage German Language U.S. Ritual

    Is the Gilbertsville still there Brother?
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    HELP WANTED: Lodge Furniture and Vintage German Language U.S. Ritual

    Well PA "Dutch" is a long way from "High German" as I knew when growing up in Boyertown PA. There are many books on "Pennsylvania German" would it not be just a matter of translating the English into Pennsylvania German? Just asking
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    Did Not Think of a Freemason Board

    Thank-you I have looked at that book!
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    Name Badge

    In our you don't wear the badge in the meetings
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    Just submitted Petition

    Welcome Brother. Read all you can you will know that this "Raising" knowledge will mean so much more for you!!!
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    Becoming a Mason in a Mass Ceremony.

    I know a number of men that did this. I considered it many years ago. I suspect that if you do it this way you will forever lose something that words can't describe. I wonder if someone who has gone this route has second thoughts about the process. And if he attends Lodge initiations all the...
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    petition process

    Interesting thread. My first day on this forum and I smell a
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    Did Not Think of a Freemason Board

    Only became a Master in May at the age of 77. My BIL is a 33rd and has been the first assistant for the PA grand masters for decades. Needless he was thrilled when I took the step. I belong to Treichler Lodge 682 in Elizabethtown. I am Lodge Librarian and volunteer as I am able. I am really...