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  1. rpbrown

    Anyone from Grand Lodge of Ohio

    Good news. I finally got an email from the GLoO. The brother whose items I have was raised in 1893. Unfortunately he passed in 1945, just 2 years after receiving his 50 year award. I am now going to send to the GLoO to either return it to the lodge for their historical display or to put it the...
  2. rpbrown

    Anyone from Grand Lodge of Ohio

    I have been trying to get a call back from someone at the GLoO for a few months now without a return call. My wife drug me along garage sale shopping in January and I found a 50 year medal and plaque issued to a W.D Gardner from the GLoO. I asked the homeowner about them and he said they found...
  3. rpbrown

    Brother Bill Lins

    So Mote It Be
  4. rpbrown

    My second daughter

    Congratulations. Now we are all uncle's :)
  5. rpbrown

    Trying to become a mason

    Welcome brother. Enjoy your journey.
  6. rpbrown


    i am so glad to here this. Praise the Great Physician of the Universe. My mother battled oral cancer for 12 years. In 2010 she finally succumbed to not the cancer but from complications from cosmetic surgery to cover up some scars caused by the different surgeries.
  7. rpbrown

    Litigation Discussion

    I would say it depends on the reason for litigation. Lets say someone drives a vehicle into your lodge building and then refuses to pay damages. Then yes, you should be able ti file against them. If its just filing against a clandestine lodge for receiving donations as a masonic lodge, then I...
  8. rpbrown

    Need Prayers

    Prayers sent for you brother
  9. rpbrown

    The long way home

    Beyond the founders reasoning's for no co-mingling, I fear it would become a point of dissension in a co-ed lodge. Think of the way you are presented during the 3 degrees :)
  10. rpbrown

    Starting out

    Okay, I guess I'm the old man here, I was 54 when I petitioned
  11. rpbrown

    Trying to become a mason

    When I was first introduced to Masonry, I too was an introvert. After meeting the brethren and spending a few months (4) with them I decided to petition the lodge. I had never felt more welcome by a group of people. As I was going through the degrees, it was apparent that I was not used to...
  12. rpbrown

    Grandfather Bragging

  13. rpbrown

    Log in issues

    Not sure where to post this so please move if it's in the wrong thread. Just curious why I am now having to log in every time I get on the forum, even though I have checked the stal logged on square. I used to be able to stay logged in
  14. rpbrown

    So I have something to think about.

    I just looked it up and it is an Inner Guard
  15. rpbrown

    Any Firefighter Brothers?

    Retired from Ponderosa Volunteer in 1990
  16. rpbrown

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    I also show that Recommendation 1 failed. The one that really concerns me is recommendation # 2, especially since Resolution # 12 passed. It seems that it is still at the Grand Secretaries discretion weather he wants to allow a convicted felon to be allowed, even though R#12 passed allowing it.
  17. rpbrown

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    As stated , do you agree with the results? How about the way the very close votes were handled?
  18. rpbrown

    Masonic Rings & Accessories
  19. rpbrown

    What would you do?

    I am the SW for our lodge and having to make those decisions for next year. We have a few of our officers that do not come on a consistent basis at all. In fact, one has not made it since the first stated meeting after installation and then he left half way through the meeting. I have some newly...
  20. rpbrown

    Memory work

    Although you should strive to be perfect, suitable is in the eyes of the brethren that are attending that night. I would say don't worry about it. Prompting will always be a part of this ritual