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  1. BroBill

    Are you a Wazer?

    I Waze... handle is TravelingManMM
  2. BroBill

    Looking for a lodge in San Antonio, TX

    You and your wife are welcome to visit Valley-Hi together at our next open event which I believe is the 17th of this month. She can ask questions and meet our members and families if she would like. If you would like you can end me your email through Private Message and I can keep you informed...
  3. BroBill

    Valley Hi Lodge 1407

    I'm the Senior Warden at Valley-Hi. You should come by the second Tuesday, January 13th, before our meeting and introduce yourself. Ask for me, Bill, and I'll take care of everything. Come by at around 6:00PM. I'll look forward to meeting you! BroBill
  4. BroBill

    The Hiram Key

    Mi I like your analysis and tend to agree with your conclusions- "a good read, however. ..."
  5. BroBill

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    If you're in Texas, get started on your LIFE program and plan on attending next year's Warden's Retreat. If you're not in Texas you still want to use you time as SD to prepare and qualify for advancement. Watch and listen to everything the JW says and does in his role. Ready, set, GO! And good...
  6. BroBill

    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    I approach the question from the perspective that my degrees were MY degrees and I got to experience the lesson first hand as opposed to watching while someone experienced it for me. I will always remember the "feel" of the degrees as I experienced each section. I cherish those memories and I...
  7. BroBill

    Visiting other Lodges

    If you are a MM and have your dues card with ID, you can visit any lodge recognized by your Grand Lodge. The brethren will examine you if there is a question about your masonic status. Just be properly dressed and if there is a question, it's always better to over dress. I've dropped in on...
  8. BroBill

    Reading Material

    If you are in Texas, obtain, read, and learn The Monitor of the Lodge. Your Secretary can help you.
  9. BroBill

    Not passing your examination

    I enjoy taking EAs and FCs to near-by lodges when they confer those degrees so the EA or FC can see the degree at least once while doing their work. It's a great way to explain the work in plain language while they observe it in due form.
  10. BroBill

    Texas Grand Chapter/Council... Anyone else going?

    You will enjoy the Order of the Silver Trowel very much- it is by far my favorite of all the work. You might- if time permits- review the degree lectures before you take the Silver Trowel just to refresh the material in your mind. Unfortunately my current back problems and doctors appointments...
  11. BroBill

    Explaining masonry to your kids

    As I grew up our family went to lodge at least two or three times a month. During lodge, other families would visit with each other, play piano, teach each other piano and other things like that. My sisters were were in Jobs Daughters and my father was lodge Secretary, so I don't remember a...
  12. BroBill

    Letter from George Washington...

    I found a book on Amazon called "Washington's Masonic Correspondence - As Found among the Washington Papers in the Library of Congress" and it has 16 pieces of Bro. George Washington's Masonic letters. .. very interesting!
  13. BroBill

    Concordant Recognition

    If you are traveling you can check the websites for the bodies you may want to visit. Look for either "Contact Us" or the secretary (equivalent) and send an email enquiring about their recognition requirements. You should also make sure your home Grand Lodge recognizes them as well. That would...
  14. BroBill

    [Sep 28, 2014] Reception for San Antonio Area Worshipful Masters (San Antonio, TX)

    Brethren, this event has moved to Sunday, November 2nd. Please see the November Event Calendar for current information. We apologize for any inconvenience. S&F BroBill Chancellor Texian York Rite College #60
  15. BroBill

    [Nov 2, 2014] Reception For Lodge Masters in San Antonio Area (San Antonio)

    ((THIS WAS RE-SCHEDULED FROM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th)) Brethren, Texian York Rite College #60 is hosting our annual Reception for Newly Installed Masters on Sunday, November 2. Every year the College hosts a reception to recognize our Worshipful Masters and thank them for their service in the...
  16. BroBill

    [Sep 28, 2014] Reception for San Antonio Area Worshipful Masters (San Antonio, TX)

    ATTENTION BRETHREN: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, AT 2:00PM. SEE THE NOVEMBER CALENDAR FOR CURRENT INFORMATION Brethren, Texian York Rite College #60 is hosting our annual Reception for Newly Installed Masters on Sunday, September 28th. Every year the College hosts a...
  17. BroBill

    Higher Degrees

    Awesome. ..
  18. BroBill


    Best thing to do is find a local lodge in your area and visit them. Most lodges post their meetings so find out the meeting time and arrive about 30 minutes before that. The brethren will be happy to answer your questions and those answers will be specific to your situation. Most lodges are used...
  19. BroBill

    Anyone Attending Warden's Retreat Corpus?

    It's a great hotel! I attended last year's retreat and had a great time and enjoyed the incredible service from the hotel! Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  20. BroBill

    Anyone Attending Warden's Retreat Corpus?

    Great! Looks like it's going to be a great session this year. I attended last year and the course material is excellent and the hotel is superb. We should also have the MM degree conferral on the Lexington. .. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App