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  1. Rob_Eades

    The Chamber Of Reflection

    Brethren lets agree to disagree on this one. We apparently do things a little different here. The candidate is never left alone, he is reassured, comfort level raised and and introduced to true Brotherhood. These Chambers were being used in a couple of Lodges not long ago. Some of those who...
  2. Rob_Eades

    Grand Virtual lodges one day

    If this internet lodge is a regular lodge how do they initiate, pass or raise candidates. Just on the surface it sounds clandestine to me..... Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  3. Rob_Eades

    The Chamber Of Reflection

    Rebis-JJones...TrySquare.........Reflect on what? Most think this is a time to bond with the candidate and to set him at ease and to prepare him for the lesson he is about to receive. The Grand Lodge of VA does not recognize the chamber of reflection and determined them to be an innovation in...
  4. Rob_Eades


    These good Brothers are correct as far as they are two different organizations, but I found that there similar ties that run through both. Virtues such as faith, integrity, dedication, devotion to family and each other, and believers in straight forward truth and a style of justice which...
  5. Rob_Eades

    Celebrating The Craft

    Richmond VA Valley gathered at the Masonic Home of VA to have diner, fellowship and have a little fun. Great function...... Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  6. Rob_Eades

    Celebrating The Craft

    Anyone attend the Celebrating The Craft functions last night? Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  7. Rob_Eades

    Mountain-Top Degree on Historic Comanche Peak

    Good Luck to you my Brother. District 17 In Virginia puts on an out door Lodge and it is a wonderful way to spend an evening. My Freemasonry HD
  8. Rob_Eades

    How long have you been a Master Mason?

    40 years for me, and I have the privilege of presenting my brother-Brother his 50 year veteran's pin on October 4th in Tuckahoe Lodge No. 347, in Richmond, VA. My Freemasonry HD