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  1. cambridgemason

    Question on University Lodge in Texas.

    My Dear Texas Brothers: Recently a topic has arisen among a few of us Massachusetts Freemasons as to whom is the first University or College Lodge here in the United States. Now the wording can be confusing here. I am looking for information for a College Lodge or University...
  2. cambridgemason

    Cowan & Eavesdropper ALERT!!!!!

    He visited a lodge in Boston, that was a Cambridge Lodge. We have alerted brethren from Cambridge and Massachusetts about this person. Thanks for posting.
  3. cambridgemason

    My lodge building burned down

    It was indeed a beautiful building outside and inside. The nice thing if any, is that she is listed on the national register, so if the shell is sound they can rebuild from the exterior inward. I had the honor of visiting the building many years ago and what a Temple. I was there in July and...
  4. cambridgemason


    Early aprons from the 1760 up to 1840's were hand painted by either the brother, family member or an artist that was either friends of the family or did this for a living. These aprons like the French designs were made with many different Masonic emblems on them and were arranged by the artist...
  5. cambridgemason

    Picture in the Lodge Room?

    4 in our building.
  6. cambridgemason

    Can You Identify This?

    It is Masonic, it may be European, not Cubian. I have seen Lodge pics from European countries that look like this. They are usually small, have three steps that lead into an area where the Master sits in the East. Walls and ceilings are usually covered with Masonic items and paintings and...
  7. cambridgemason

    Historic Freemason Photos

    The officers and members of St. John's Lodge #1 of Halifax Canada, around 1880's This is a photograph and oil painting. The officers and members were photographed and then the Lodge room painted. The photos were then apply to the painting.
  8. cambridgemason

    Historic Freemason Photos

    Ceremonial of Aleppo Shrine, Boston, Massachusetts. 1935. With either the Provist Guard or Arab guard, Chanters, and Brass Band with perhaps the Illus Potentate in the Throne Seat in the middle of the stage.
  9. cambridgemason

    Historic Freemason Photos

    The Master, SW and JW and SD of Amicable Lodge of Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. 1846.
  10. cambridgemason

    Historic Freemason Photos

    click on to enlarge. The reception and entertainment committee for the 24th Triennial Conclave held in Washington DC on October 1889
  11. cambridgemason

    Civil War Traveling Lodge, 9th Texas Infantry

    Good luck in your research.
  12. cambridgemason

    Civil War Traveling Lodge, 9th Texas Infantry

    A Military Lodge is sometimes sponsored by a regular Lodge or was instituted by members of a certain Lodge within that regiment. It was also instituted by a certain GL. The only thing I can say is check with the GL of Texas, if it was instituted by GL of Texas, then when the Lodge went dark...
  13. cambridgemason

    Where was Marquis de La Fayette made a Mason?

    Thanks for posting. He was here in Boston when he came in 1825. He help dedicate the Bunker Hill monument at that time and was in the procession with the Masons.
  14. cambridgemason

    Tracing Boards

    As Blake stated, the Tracing boards or Masters Carpet were charts per say that illustrated to the candidate the emblems and symbolism of Freemasonry. In the early days the Tyler would draw on the floor the Carpet pertaining to what degree the Lodge may be opening on. It is said that it would...
  15. cambridgemason

    Prince Hall monument now a Cambridge Massachusetts landmark

    On Friday April 27th the friends of Prince Hall monument fund and the Grand Lodge of Prince Hall of Massachusetts presented to the City of Cambridge the deed to the monument at the Cambridge Common. This project was spearheaded by many men, Masons and one lady. Councilor Simmons, who was Mayor...
  16. cambridgemason

    Prince Hall

    Laws and rules for some and laws and rules for others. Also lack of working together.
  17. cambridgemason

    Why no numbers?

    Thanks, I did not know that, thought Hawaii was under the control of CA at one time and therefore had numbers. Will remember that.
  18. cambridgemason

    Why no numbers?

    When I was raised a Master Mason some 29 years ago, I never gave it a thought on why my Lodge did not have a number, nor why other Lodges did. Throughout my travels, research, and a member of a number of forums, I hear "why does your Lodge or Grand Lodge have no numbers?"...
  19. cambridgemason

    Warm, fraternal greetings from Boston

    Hey Carl, glad to see another Charity Lodge member here. Massachusetts has no numbers for the following, Blue Lodges, Royal Arch Chapters and R&S Councils. We did at first going back to 1733, but in 1756 there became another GL under the charter of Scotland. So in 1756 we had a Grand Lodge...
  20. cambridgemason

    Masonic Paintings

    ebay currently has a few for sale. They are reproductions. You can also try looking up regalia dealers over in England, since they still use them. They are a little different than ours here in the US. Ebay under "Masonic" charts, paperwork, diploma, paintings.